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summertime movie list:


tuesday night outdoor movie nights

june 16 venus in furs, 1969, james franco

june 23 danger:diabolik, 1968, mario bava

((((this is a do-over from last week b.c. the dvd didnt play, we watched barbarella instead)))

june 30 goonies, 1985/princess bride, 1987= schools out double feature!: 7.30 first movie starts @ 8!

july 7 logan’s run, 1976/… stay late for….daft punk’s electroma, 2006.

july 14 alphaville, 1965.

july 21 nausicaa of the valley of the wind aka Kaze no tani no Naushika, 1984.

july 28 village of the damned, 1960/children of the damned, 1963.

aug 4 xanadu!, 1980. steph+mary’s bday fest!!! wear your awesomest 80’s outfit! maybe some music videos after?

aug 11 cat-women of the moon, 1953/destination moon, 1950.

aug 18 the abominable dr phibes, 1971./ dr phibes rises again, 1972.

aug 25 two-lane blacktop, 1971./ ***can we find  psychomania, 1973: or other motorcycle movie???? suggestions?

sep 1 breakfast club, 1985/pretty in pink, 1986=back to school double feature

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best wishes from ING Direct.

wow! i got early birthday wishes from online banking:
Happy Birthday – best wishes to you from ING DIRECT!

i am happy to report that james made it to italia safe and sound and on the ground.

he is with josh and other good buddies so i think it will be doing lots of working but also should have time for some fun times too-which makes me happy. i requested that he eats pizza on friday for my birthday.

maybe he will even find an apperitivo? not sure if they do apperitivo in venice or not but i hope so.

apperitivo is one of the things i miss most about living in italy. every friday evening we would gather @ the local bar (arduino’s) and the crowd would spill out into the street and we would sip and chat and laugh and eat (free) snacks. a lot of IDII students went, and professors and it was also when we got to hang out with the townspeople too. not that my italian was ever very good at all but it just felt really communal and festive, i miss that. i guess i never did ‘happy hour’ here in the states but to me ‘happy hour’ seems shady, but i guess its the closest thing we have to apperitivo. the biggest difference is ‘happy hour’ seems to be just about boozing, apperitivo is more about taking time to relax and talk and enjoy food and drink together. i will be back in italia sometime enjoying my glass of prosecco!

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