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summertime movie list:


tuesday night outdoor movie nights

june 16 venus in furs, 1969, james franco

june 23 danger:diabolik, 1968, mario bava

((((this is a do-over from last week b.c. the dvd didnt play, we watched barbarella instead)))

june 30 goonies, 1985/princess bride, 1987= schools out double feature!: 7.30 first movie starts @ 8!

july 7 logan’s run, 1976/… stay late for….daft punk’s electroma, 2006.

july 14 alphaville, 1965.

july 21 nausicaa of the valley of the wind aka Kaze no tani no Naushika, 1984.

july 28 village of the damned, 1960/children of the damned, 1963.

aug 4 xanadu!, 1980. steph+mary’s bday fest!!! wear your awesomest 80’s outfit! maybe some music videos after?

aug 11 cat-women of the moon, 1953/destination moon, 1950.

aug 18 the abominable dr phibes, 1971./ dr phibes rises again, 1972.

aug 25 two-lane blacktop, 1971./ ***can we find  psychomania, 1973: or other motorcycle movie???? suggestions?

sep 1 breakfast club, 1985/pretty in pink, 1986=back to school double feature

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