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for the bees.

you are the bees knees if you go here:

you will get free wildflower seeds from burts bees to keep the honeybees alive!

did you know buy buying, eating, + growing organic veggies are also helping the bees survive?

so maybe you are already helping then? good job! hooray. honeybees are fuzzy + cute + helpful buddies.

get your free seeds while they last.

from the burts bees website:

“Colony Collapse Disorder

Did you know that every third bite of food we eat depends on bees for pollination? You might not have given much thought to the role honeybees play in our ecosystem. But fact is, 30% of the fruit- and vegetable-producing plants we rely on to feed our families need honeybee pollination to thrive. That’s why the mysterious disappearance of honeybees known as Colony Collapse Disorder is a critical environmental issue that must be understood and reversed for The Greater Good ”

oh no! go plant some seeds and buy/plant organic veggies.


❤ bzzzzzzzz the honeybees

bzzzzzzzzzzzzz ❤

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