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and we’re back.

what a crazy last few days.


we just got internets back in action.

we had a power outage on monday for about 7hrs (2ish-9ish).

you may recall it was about a zillion degrees that day. it was rough, but i am thankful because some are still without power! maybe summertime camping can be fun but…not in your own home when you have to go to work, school, etc in the morning. glen ridge train station has people camping out in it, at around midnight last night i saw people watching tv in there.

then the trains went nuts.

james had a difficult time get out of the city at night, and getting into the city in the morning, earlier this week. there was a fire on one line of the path train which in turn effected njtransit trains leaving penn station. decamp came to the rescue, and honored james’ njtransit rail pass too. after reading baristanet comments i guess he lucked out with a driver that decided to honor his real pass, some were not so lucky.

so lucky.

then we had a coo-coo storm.

from the montclair times website:

Jun 10, 2008
bullet Storm update
Posted: 11:40 p.m. 06/10/08

“A heavy storm system swept through Montclair this evening, leaving fallen tree branches and downed power lines throughout many local streets.

Following the heavy downpour, a large portion of the 4th Ward, south of Bloomfield Avenue, is shrouded in darkness.

According to Montclair firefighters, 33 intersections in town are blocked off due to fallen trees and power lines.

Other streets in town, including Grove Street and Glenridge Avenue, have no police presence despite downed power lines.

Montclair firefighters told The Times that a mutual aid request from the Bloomfield Fire Department was made after a school in Bloomfield caught on fire.

There are also several reports of flooding around town.

Read more Thursday in The Montclair Times”

apparently all these things were unrelated and not related to the heat wave. it sure felt like something bigger was making this week so bizarre and tiresome.

okay so here is to a chilled out though packed weekend.

(it took me two days to finish this post!?!?!?)

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