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cash cab!


tonight james and i rode in THE cash cab! blinking lights and all. 

we made it to our destination with winning some cash but got a lot of help along the way! we did the ‘shout out’ by phone to our buddy sean and he totally came through with the correct answer! it was only our 2nd question, so if we hadn’t called him it may  have been a really short ride. oddly i was just watching the show yesterday, a few episodes in a row, while i was waiting for an oil change. i was cracking up out loud in front of strangers at the people not getting these really easy questions….and then today we end up in the  cash cab! hahahha and guess what there is no multiple choice! it isnt as easy when you are all hyped up and excited, so we used our ‘shout out’ to random strangers on the street! i flagged down two ladies walking down the street and had so ask them the question we needed help with, and ….they went pale, they didnt have a thing to say and then all of a sudden the one girl blurts out the answer and i use it and she was totally right! thank you complete stranger-you rule! 

if you don’t know the show on discovery channel here is a little about the show:

“Unassuming people enter the “Cash Cab” as simple passengers taking a normal taxi ride, only to be shocked when they discover that they’re instant contestants on Discovery Channel’s innovative game show!

Ben Bailey, the host and driver of Cash Cab, then offers them the following proposition:

The Cash Cab will drive you all the way to your destination and ask you general knowledge questions along the way. The questions start out on the easy side, then get harder along the way – the harder the question, the more money it’s worth. The first four questions are worth $25 for each correct answer. The next four are worth $50 and then every question after that is worth $100.

A correct answer is awarded the cash, an incorrect answer means the contestant gets a strike. The contestants can earn cash all the way to their destination. But the second they miss their third question (i.e., earn their third strike), Ben pulls the Cash Cab over and ejects them onto the sidewalk, no matter where they are!

If they get stumped on a question, contestants can “shout out” for help, either by calling someone on our mobile phone (a “Mobile Shout-Out”), or by asking someone on the street for help (a “Street Shout-Out”). Each contestant only has one Mobile and one Street Shout-Out during the course of each game.

If the contestant has won at least $200 and the cab hits a red light, a “Red Light Challenge” is offered, which is a single question with multiple part answers. The passenger has 30 seconds to get all answers (e.g., name all seven of Snow White’s dwarfs). If the contestant gets each part of the answer correct, they win $200; if time expires, they move on without receiving any strikes against them.

Finally, if the contestant arrives at their destination having earned cash, they can opt to bet it all – double or nothing – on a “Video Bonus Question.” The question is a based on a clip from Discovery’s library.”

if it airs it won’t be for maybe 6 months or so, check this space for details in the future. 

fun times =)

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