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best wishes from ING Direct.

wow! i got early birthday wishes from online banking:
Happy Birthday – best wishes to you from ING DIRECT!

i am happy to report that james made it to italia safe and sound and on the ground.

he is with josh and other good buddies so i think it will be doing lots of working but also should have time for some fun times too-which makes me happy. i requested that he eats pizza on friday for my birthday.

maybe he will even find an apperitivo? not sure if they do apperitivo in venice or not but i hope so.

apperitivo is one of the things i miss most about living in italy. every friday evening we would gather @ the local bar (arduino’s) and the crowd would spill out into the street and we would sip and chat and laugh and eat (free) snacks. a lot of IDII students went, and professors and it was also when we got to hang out with the townspeople too. not that my italian was ever very good at all but it just felt really communal and festive, i miss that. i guess i never did ‘happy hour’ here in the states but to me ‘happy hour’ seems shady, but i guess its the closest thing we have to apperitivo. the biggest difference is ‘happy hour’ seems to be just about boozing, apperitivo is more about taking time to relax and talk and enjoy food and drink together. i will be back in italia sometime enjoying my glass of prosecco!

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whats going down on 08.08.08?

i was doing some googling to see what was happening on my smurfday this year.

i have been excited about 08.08.08 since my birthday was 08.08.88.

well since james and many many of my friends are away this year for various reasons but mostly to be at sean+doris wedding! which is tomorrow in portugal! i cant believe i am missing it 😦

so in my research i found that 08.08.08 is a magical day and that it should bring very good luck to the universe. i also found out that its a pretty popular wedding date. the one thing i knew was happening is the boredoms show were 88 drummers will perform for 88 minutes starting at 8.08pm you can read more about that on pitchfork

and on brooklyn vegan

i think the olympics begin that day too but i really couldnt care much less about that.

but i found something that is right up my alley:

everyone knows that i heart flickr big time. and it will also be the last day of my 365 at arms length,

i have been taking a pic of myself everyday for (on that day) a year.

We’re celebrating another 24 hours of Flickr on Friday, August 8, 2008!

A year ago, just over 7,000 of you shared a slice of your day from May 5, 2007. It was wonderful to see the similarities (weddings, birthdays, graduations, Cinco de Mayo celebrations, etc.) and differences across the flickrverse.

Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair 2007 Afriscape 3 Pelicans for good luck childrens day

We’re going to celebrate another 24 hours of Flickr — Flickr 888. Take a photo anytime when it’s August 8th where you are, then share it in the group.

There’s more! Our cool friends at MOO are going to create unique Flickr 888 Postcard Packs that will be available early this fall. So, mark your calendars and save the date for another 24 hours of Flickr, Friday August 8, 2008.

Photos from wazari, Fluffy Wobbleyou, Declan!, and DG Belle.
View more 24 hours of Flickr photos from last year’s event, on May 5, 2007.

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and….today is my mom’s 60th birthday! and of course she is far away in baton rouge, LA. happy birthday mom! (yes i will call you too 🙂


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