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today i got an earth machine!

no i am not going to make a planet, i am going to start composting!
and montclair, nj-our new home-has a home composting program. i bought our new earth machine at cost (less than half price according to some internet research!). from the town i also received some advice and some printed materials. i am totally excited about this new project. we are buying heirloom bulbs and using the push-mower and now composting, soon i will have rich soil to start my veggie garden in the spring 🙂
major hints for the composter are: keep it aeratedby mixing it around often, vary what you put in the bin-veggies, veggie peels, fruit peels, leaves, grass clippings, plant trimmings, paper products, egg shells, keep all the bits small–chop up veg, etc. also no animal products! no meat or dairy. your composter is a vegan.
more on how to use the earth machine .

i also found out that in montclair the yard waste and bags of leaves and clippings that we put at the curb are composted as well! so they go back to replenishing the earth rather then ending up in a landfill mixed with non-compostable items. now isnt that nice?
in other news **its a blustery day! happy autumn! **


we are moving and you can buy our share of veggies.

are you interested? here is the craigslist ad i just posted:

craigslist veggie ad
share of organic farm: williamsburg CSA. 08.25-11.24.07 – $588

Reply to:
Date: 2007-08-06, 3:25PM EDT

Pickup Organic Veggies/Fruit/Eggs and Flowers every Saturday morning (9am-12noon) from August 25-Nov 24th@Mcarren Park, all the way to thanksgiving. We are moving mid-season and will have to give up our share of beautiful locally grown produce from garden of eve farm,
On the , williamsburg csa site, you would be both A and B week pick-ups, every week. $588= $42/week x 14 weeks=the entire seasons share was $955, we are selling the share at cost. please check out the websites to see the quality and quantity of the share. if you like to cook healthy meals it will be a great bargain for you. we are a couple and have been members for a few seasons and use all the goodies each week, if you dont cook everyday it may be too much for 2 people. the farmers diary tells what is in season, and will give you an idea of what to expect each week. there is a pdf on their site to tell you what actual shares have been in sesons past.
THE SHARE FOR THIS YEAR IS SOLD OUT< but we are moving, and you can get in on the orgainc local goodness! photos of veggies that i personally took.
thank you,


what to do today (sunday)

yesterday and today crafty goods will be looked at, touched, and sold @ mccarren pool from 11-6pm. go here to find out more, or if you missed it, b.c. they have linkies to crafty sites and such.
and james is @ roosevelt island with steven for toddp bbq
Sunday’s SPRINGTIME UNAMPLIFIED ACOUSTIC BBQ on Roosevelt Island! Last year’s was so so beautiful! Lots of folks playing acoustic on an island right in the middle of the East River, the city and the river swirl serenely around you – you could throw rocks at the Midtown Skyline. And there’s this ruined castle-like 1850’s city smallpox hospital! -BUT- it’s going to be hot so -PLEASE- bring yr beach umbrellas -&- sunscreen -&- blankets -&- lawn chairs -&- little bbq grills -&- stuff to grill!
–SERIOUSLY– bring food -&- grills -&- charcoal!!! Bring yr acoustic guitars -&- toy percussion -&- toy pianos and (maybe) we’ll all have a big jam at the end! Bring yr Dad too – it’s Father’s Day! If it rains it’ll get rescheduled…
^that part was from toddp bbq
yesterday was tom’s bday and dinner party, and was the 2nd week of the williamsburg csa….yumm! lots of organic strawberries last week and this week, so good.
happy weekend!


shares still available for the williamsburg CSA

here is an email i got from the williamsburg csa
csa=community supported agriculture.
so you can still sign up for shares!

There is still time to join the Williamsburg CSA for the 2007 growing season.
[so yeah, tell your friends, spread the word…we are still accepting members]

All share types still available {Veggie, Fruit, Egg , & Flower}
There is still time to upgrade from half to full shares or add a flower or egg share.
(Hint hint: you can never get enough vegetables or fruit, the eggs are amazing; and those flowers are pesticide-free and quite a steal at 7 dollars for a pollution free bouquet)

Come on out to any of these sign up events:
(Remember…balances are due by the last sign up, May 31st)
Feel free to make payment in person @ any of the sign up events;
[it speeds up the process and makes the whole end of season accounting scenario so much easier and streamlined]

Garden of Eve Farmers Market stand
@ McCarren Park Green Market
Sat May 19th 8am-Noon
Sat May 26th 8am-Noon

Bicycle Fetish Day 2007
Brought to you by the City Reliquary Brooklyn Civic Riders B.C.
May 26th 12 – 6 PM in Williamsburgh, Brooklyn
Havemeyer St. btw. Grand & Hope Sts.
Williamsburg CSA “hearts” sustainable transportation…
i mean, what does it matter if you ride your bike everywhere
if your tomatoes drive all the way from California
Bicycle Fetish Day will be a fun affair of contests, live music, food, raffle prizes
and a table hosted by the Williamsburg CSA, dishing out farm fresh goodies and signing up new members

Last Day (a.k.a we need to getcha $$ honey)
Thurs May 31st 7-10pm
Zipe Zape Tapas Bar
Corner of Metropolitan Ave & Berry in Williamsburg

full share prices:
veggie- $485
fruit- $245

half share prices:
variety pack-$490

(These prices do not include the $10 cash administration fee which is due upon sign up.)

This is the last email blast to remind people to sign up.
From here on out, we will only be sending out emails to members.
Right now, our Member email list is 85% complete but we are working on getting everyone added.
(sorry guys, but i must float the disclaimer…the core group is all volunteers who organize the CSA in our “free” time for “fun”.
we try our hardest, but we have hundreds of emails to enter so it takes time)

Everyone who has signed up (and gave us their email) should receive a confirmation email by Sunday June 3rd.
This email will explain pickup & assign half shares to A or B week schedules.
(if you do not receive an email by Sun June 3rd, please email with your membership #)

Because we are such a big CSA and we have a lot of big goals for our CSA,
we would like to invite anyone who is interested to join the Core Group.
We will be having monthly meetings (the first sunday of every month) rotating between Williamsburg & Greenpoint
Email with the subject line Core Group for more info.
Our first monthly meeting will be Sunday June 3 at 11:00 in Greenpoint near McGolrick Park.
(RSVP for address. Not to be private or anything, but this email is going out to a big group including non-members so we don’t want to post someones house address. thanks for understanding)

At this meeting, we will be going over the 2007 #s, the low income share program, the “leftover” share food donation, weekly newsletter emails, the blog, monthly events, trips to the farm, and all the special projects like fundraisers and murals and lots of other exciting creative things. There is so much to do and not enough of us to do it…so, if you would like to get more involved in local sustainable food systems, then come and join us!!
(Everyone is welcome; all people and opinions are respected; their is no hierarchy–newbies as well as old timers are encouraged to get involved!)



i love my farmers, and they love me back!
james and i are listed as friends of the farm on their site.
how sweet!
garden of eve farm friends


sign up for this years CSA Community Supported Agriculture.

from the williamsburg csa:
Despite the frigid temps outside and the barren stalls at the farmers market, it is time to start signing up for the 2007 Williamsburg CSA. The Williamsburg CSA runs from June to November with pickups every saturday morning @ McCarren Park. More info about the farm and the food can be found at garden of eve

On to business, for those of you interested in joining the williamsburg csa sign up season is here. Our first 4 events are:

Thurs, Feb 15 630-9pm @ Fabians Cafe (Bedford & North 5th)
Sun, Feb 18 530-7pm @ Atlas Cafe (Habemeyer & Grand St)
Tues, Feb 20 6-9pm @ Zipe Zape Tapas Bar (Berry & Metropolitan Ave)
Thurs, Feb 22 630-9pm @ Fabians Cafe (Bedford & North 5th)
Please bring your 100 dollar deposit (cash or check) & your 10 dollar administrative fee (cash only) to any of these sign up events and save your spot. Right now, if you want to sign up, you have to come to a sign up event. We will have a mail option up and running within the next week, so feel free to wait. (Remeber: checks made out to Garden of Eve Farm)

Please bring your questions to the sign up event: This is a good place to get all those questions about the Williamsburg CSA answered. (Sorry, we are way swamped right now so its pretty hard for us to get back to everyone that has questions with individual emails especially since a majority of them can be answered by cruising the garden of eve or williamsburg csa websites closely.) Anyways, for quick answers to your questions, come to a sign up event…otherwise you might have to wait a week or two.

Please forward this to everyone you think might be interested! We will be flyering our little Williamsburg community like crazy with CSA info in a few weeks. However, if you can spread the word about these sign up events to friends and family in the hood that would be most appreciated.

Please stay tuned for more sign up events, round table discussions, and other fun ways to plug into the Williamsburg CSA community!
some of our friends did not know the williamsburg csa existed.
so if you are interested – check out the site and / or show up to a sign-up event.
you can see my flickr set of veggie photos here
and to see our photo and cookbook click here

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veggies rule, meat-eaters drooool!

Vegetarians are more intelligent, says study
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Frequently dismissed as cranks, their fussy eating habits tend to make them unpopular with dinner party hosts and guests alike.
But now it seems they may have the last laugh, with research showing vegetarians are more intelligent than their meat-eating friends.
A study of thousands of men and women revealed that those who stick to a vegetarian diet have IQs that are around five points higher than those who regularly eat meat.
Writing in the British Medical Journal, the researchers say it isn’t clear why veggies are brainier – but admit the fruit and veg-rich vegetarian diet could somehow boost brain power.
The researchers, from the University of Southampton, tracked the fortunes of more than 8,000 volunteers for 20 years.
At the age of ten, the boys and girls sat a series of tests designed to determine their IQ.
When they reached the age of 30, they were asked whether they were vegetarian and their answers compared to their childhood IQ score.
Around four and a half per cent of the adults were vegetarian – a figure that is broadly in line with that found in the general population.
However, further analysis of the results showed those who were brainiest as children were more likely to have become vegetarian as adults, shunning both meat and fish.
The typical adult veggie had a childhood IQ of around 105 – around five points higher than those who continued to eat meat as they grew up.
The vegetarians were also more likely to have gained degrees and hold down high-powered jobs.
There was no difference in IQ between strict vegetarians and those who classed themselves as veggie but still ate fish or chicken.
However, vegans – vegetarians who also avoid dairy products – scored significantly lower, averaging an IQ score of 95 at the age of 10.
Researcher Dr Catharine Gale said there could be several explanations for the findings, including intelligent people being more likely to consider both animal welfare issues and the possible health benefits of a vegetarian diet.
Previous work has shown that vegetarians tend to have lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol, cutting their risk of heart attacks. They are also less likely to be obese.
Alternatively, a diet which is rich in fruit, vegetables and wholegrains may somehow boost brain power.
Dr Gale said: ‘Although our results suggest that children who are more intelligent may be more likely to become vegetarian as adolescents or young adults, it does not rule out the possibility that such a diet might have some beneficial effect on subsequent cognitive performance.
‘Might the nature of the vegetarians’ diet have enhanced their apparently superior brain power? Was this the mechanism that helped them achieve the disproportionate nature of degrees?’
High-profile vegetarians include singers Paul McCartney and Morrissey and actress Jenny Seagrove.
Past exponents of a meat-free lifestyle include George Bernard Shaw and Benjamin Franklin.
Promoting the cause, Shaw said, ‘A mind of the calibre of mine cannot drive its nutriment from cows’, while Franklin stated that a vegetarian diet resulted in ‘greater clearness of head and quicker comprehension’.
Liz O’Neill, of the Vegetarian Society, said: ‘We’ve always known that vegetarianism is an intelligent, compassionate choice benefiting animals, people and the environment. Now, we’ve got the scientific evidence to prove it.
‘Maybe that explains why many meat-reducers are keen to call themselves vegetarians when even they must know that vegetarians don’t eat chicken, turkey or fish!’
the article

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