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vote now.

the next food network star. rory or amy? you decide.
vote here for the next food network star
vote for rory
vote for amy
rory’s myspace page
amy’s myspace page
rory is a jersey girl, and kind of goofy and fun.
amy is from cali, but her heart is in paris.

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happy 07.07.07!

yaaay for lucky 7/7/7.
today james went to see the boredoms and 77 drummers!
i opted out b.c. of madness–too many people and long lines, waiting waiting waiting.
the boys arrived @ 2.30 pm and didnt get in until 6pm, the show started @ guess when?
7pm. (and james says it was AWESOME!)
i kinda regret not going, but i am also sure it was for the best.
i think steven took photos so i shall post some laters.
guess what next year is? 08.08.08 and someone awesome has
a birthday that day….yup,
its me.
i like this dorkeee show james found for me
delicious tv
i think i will make this tomorrows

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lazy mode=recovery.

Oooops. i nearly stopped posting.
i kinda stopped in my trax with this
last surgery. i have been mostly
sleeping and watching cable tv (we just got cable for my recovery).
james’ mom is here helping out
and making me walk up and down the stairs
so i dont turn into a pile of goo.
keep moving.
i have started my own ‘rear window’
type fantasies whilst on the pain meds
and having nothing to do….
i saw a man take a really heavy black
trash bag from his pick-up truck
and put it in with the other trash…
and get back in his truck and drive away…
conclusion=dead body disposal.
then last night james and i saw a
bride and groom get out of a
yellow cab and go into there apt.
it was really cute! she was all
brided out with the veil trailing behind
her, and the groom tried to ‘carry her
over the threshold’ but picked her up
took two steps and put her down…
it was comical and sweet.
if you live on broome st=
watch out because i can see what you are up to!
p.s. i really freaked james’ out a bit with the dead body thing…
but if you have cable tv you can watch forensic files, there is a detective or sleuth channel
and law and order is on about 10x’s a day…soooooo….i am getting carried away.


tuesday eve, march 6th.

@ galapagos.

in the front room
tuesday 3/6, frontroom, free
7pm doors===7:30 show


A party in the style of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Yell your wisecracks at the screen. Tell Mary that she¹s a stupid, winy, slut. Be blown away by Charles Ingles¹s gigantic hair.

Come take a drink with us every time someone walks into Olen¹s Mercantile, every time Pa calls Laura³Half-Pint², & every time someone says ³Sleepy Eye².

³Mary¹s gonna be an old spinster just like Miss Beatle cause no one ever marries a four eyes.² – Nellie from the episode, Four Eyes.
ummm i love little house. the show, the books, the made for tv movies.
the whole deal. and pa, and laura, and percival, and albert, etc.
BUT i dont support the discription by galapogos. it is a funny idea, though.
little house drinking game. HA!

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Posted by on March 4, 2007 in tv, williamsburg