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what i did on my summer vacation by steph.

ray jelly upside down
two seahorses, both strange. pink me and a shark! jaws2 just like the cartoons blue+yellow
james and a shark! jaws


j+s=2yrs. (extra kisses for james)

vroom vroom hey look what i won today. its kinda funny to say ‘won’ about something free but its still cool. so now i dont have to wait in line for them next week…..
except i am gonna wait in line anyway so i can get tickets for some buddies.
heres the email i recieved….
Congratulations! You have won two tickets to the July 4th Belle and Sebastian Concert in Battery Park. You must pick up your tickets at the Starbucks Chill Patrol Van parked on the lower plaza of the World Financial Center Plaza
i am not quite sure what the heck the starbucks chill patrol van is but i think i will know it when i see it.

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phew! i thought i disappeared. but here i am again. i’m back in full effect. (if you didnt notice– my blog and james’ site were offline for a day or so. but not anymore).
anyhooo happy summer. james + i and dauphin went to the brooklyn botanical gardens today. it was quite lovely. we saw lots of flowers and such but also…lots of turtlesbrooklyn botanical gardens brooklyn botanical gardens brooklyn botanical gardens ! and ducks and ducklings and other birdies, and butterflies.


b movies

friday and sunday james’ and i went to double features at the film forum.
they are showing film noir for a few weeks. we saw

(1949, JOSEPH H. LEWIS) A bank robbery shot from inside the getaway car in a single take highlights Lewis’ startling Bonnie & Clyde-type sleeper, as vicious carny girl Peggy Cummins leads good-hearted gun buff John Dall into a life of crime. (approximately 86 minutes)
“The real Bonnie and Clyde, Lewis’s study in pathology is the ultimate expression of the B-movie credo to live fast, die young, and leave a good-looking corpse. Brisk, percussive, a veritable primer for intelligent camera placement and a film of great plastic beauty besides, Gun Crazy is the kind of movie they don’t make any more—and it’s as if they never did.”
– J. Hoberman, The Village Voice

(1955, JOSEPH H. LEWIS) Cop Cornel Wilde teams with an ex-moll to nail mob boss Richard Conte, whose disciplinary methods include torture by hearing aid — a vintage Lewis touch. (approximately 89 minutes)
“A sense of fatalism and perverse sexuality that exist in few noir films.”
– Carl Macek.
and last night with anthony and erika….
(1945, EDGAR G. ULMER) “Whichever way you turn, Fate sticks out a foot to trip you.” New York-to-L.A. hitchhiker Tom Neal’s pickup of the aptly-named Ann Savage leads to blackmail and death. (approximately 67 minutes)
“A nasty little thriller.” – Time Out New York
“One of the defining films of the seductive genre the French critics called film noir.”
– Vincent Canby, New York Times.

(1952, RICHARD FLEISCHER) Train ride from Hell, as taunting prize witness (Marie Windsor as a side-switching gangster’s widow) makes things rough for ambivalent dick Charles McGraw, as he fends off non-stop hoods en route to a grand jury. By the author of Detour. (approximately 71 minutes)
^okay so frasier’s dad wasnt in the movie.)
and james and i watched a great classic 1971 film this weekend too…
psychomania. i had seen it before but who doesnt love a british motorcycle gangs attempt at living forever as the undead? good stuff. and i think i am going to try to get abby’s hairstyle from the living dead.



james gets xtra kisses! a brand new *sir leo lick-a-lot* arrived for me yesterday.
happy happy joy joy. i also got a new bag with watson the hamster=too cute.
and as you can see i found the cord to my camera! i am a happy girl. things have been chill (and rainy) yesterday and today besides the exciting return of leo! guess who's back leo leo sir leo lick a lot leoleoleo


lack of photos

i have been taking lots of photos lately…but you cant see them.
well i would like to post them but i cant find my gosh darn cord to stick ’em on the ibook and send them off to cyberspace. so for now you can draw a picture on a post it and stick it next to this post.

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oh yeah! have you heard it yet? its nuts.
the lastest (and second) addition of TichenorTunes.
Listen. smile. raaaarrrr