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whats up with steph?

my computer is very sad.

for now i am using whichever computer is @ home and not being used by james and i am slowly but surely remembering my usernames + passwords to the zillion sites i like to look @ daily.

i dont know when i became a nerd but i guess its inevitable, y’know, since i married one and all. but for reals, whats up with me being so dependent on the dub dub dub? (aka=internets, www)

i think its b.c. of my flickr addiction that has never really lightened up, its been years now and i just totally totally heart it. it keeps me connected to my buddies all over this planet. like i really know (see) what is going on in their lives and that makes me happy 🙂

so yeah i figured out my yahoo id thingie and i posted a bzillion photos today and then proceeded to spend a long long time tagging, organizing, naming, describing, >>> flickring.

okay so go check them out….

p.s cute idea for a group:


it was week of old-skool visitors this past week:

vanessa and her son came over for the day-they live in myrtle beach and were in nj visitng family and took some time to see our house and go to the park, two parks actually, and out to veggie heaven, and do arts and crafts!

mikey came up and luckily i saw him and his cutie wifey and son not that long ago. he came up and we went to go see peter murphy. i am happy to report he is still a sexy man, peter that is, well hey mikey is still a cutie too! (no worries maria or james, it aint like that) we had fun times and danced and acted silly.

biyana came over today with her beansprout (eliana who is just sprouting up into the cutest little blondie curlie haired girl) and ron (who is def. old skool). and we had fun times and talked and talked and busted out photos from the 90’s and remembered, and chased around eliana, and checked out the garden (!) and went to church street for cuteness and a strangely timed meal-4pm-early bird special. and then we hugged a lot.

also this past week chloe stayed with us for a few days and it was a non-stop art making and silliness marathon. my niece is cooler than your niece for sure 🙂 she did an amazing painting, and fuse beads, and god’s eyes (fiber art!), lots of drawing and painting and beads, buttons, scissors, yarn, and so on. we watched spirited away and little house on the prairie. baked bread. had visitors including our neighbor hanna. walked around montclair. had a picnic in the grass. we also went to the montclair art museum with our sketchbooks and drew and looked and talked. fun. maybe we will go to moma next time.

whewwwy i am pooped.


lazy mode=recovery.

Oooops. i nearly stopped posting.
i kinda stopped in my trax with this
last surgery. i have been mostly
sleeping and watching cable tv (we just got cable for my recovery).
james’ mom is here helping out
and making me walk up and down the stairs
so i dont turn into a pile of goo.
keep moving.
i have started my own ‘rear window’
type fantasies whilst on the pain meds
and having nothing to do….
i saw a man take a really heavy black
trash bag from his pick-up truck
and put it in with the other trash…
and get back in his truck and drive away…
conclusion=dead body disposal.
then last night james and i saw a
bride and groom get out of a
yellow cab and go into there apt.
it was really cute! she was all
brided out with the veil trailing behind
her, and the groom tried to ‘carry her
over the threshold’ but picked her up
took two steps and put her down…
it was comical and sweet.
if you live on broome st=
watch out because i can see what you are up to!
p.s. i really freaked james’ out a bit with the dead body thing…
but if you have cable tv you can watch forensic files, there is a detective or sleuth channel
and law and order is on about 10x’s a day…soooooo….i am getting carried away.


new years eve-day or new years day?

attention brooklynites:
(and steve and kim and johnny g too
oh yeah and sean and doris and johnny royale)
which would you attend???
a brunch on 12.31.06
or neither…

if you are going away, too cool,
or a sucker and work on brunchy type days (mary jeys)
*********UPDATE**********NEW YEAR’S DAY IT IS!
linnertime brunch to start the year off right.


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sir william wiloughby snip snapper tichenor

ok so i had to make a youtube account so you could all see the turtle in action.
sir william wiloughby snip snapper tichenor is his full name by the way.


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our new buddy :)

we adopted an african sideneck turtle. his other name is Pelomedusa subrufa but, he is now called sir william and he soooooooooooooooooooooo cute. seriously, he is so cute.
“Pelomedusa subrufa inhabits subtropical and tropical Africa from Ethiopia, southern Saudi-Arabia and Yemen, and the Sudan westward to Ghana, Senegal, Mali, Nigeria, and the Cameroons, and southward to Cape Provinces of South Africa. It is also known from many localities on Madagascar.” sideneck info
turtle care
so sir william is the cutest even though he chomped my finger last night. i was warned that before they get to know you they might snap at you but i figured he’s too cute to snap at me….ummm well he is cute but we had only had him for about 20 minutes at that time. he is called a sideneck because he doesnt put his head back in his shell he just kinda pulls it to one side. and if he is doing that and he doesnt see you it will scare him, and he will react by chomping on you.
his behavior has already changed since yesterday. he is totally nosy. he wants to check us out and see what we are up to. if you come into the room he gets all flustered and excited. what a funny little turtle sir william is. sir william of the burg sir william
<img src=”” alt=”peeking out of the water :” width=”180″ height=”240″ border=”0″ /> optical illusion



holy moly! most of my records are home with james and i!
oh how i missed them. and i have a new record player to play them on…
well, two new ones.
portable. new old portable record player.
record player closed. james got me this! orange record player. from james.
q*bert patterned. cute holder for some 7inches.

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oh yeah! have you heard it yet? its nuts.
the lastest (and second) addition of TichenorTunes.
Listen. smile. raaaarrrr