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come to the hearts and crafts affair!

sunday sunday sunday may 4th noon ’til 6 pm

193 Meserole Ave @ Diamond St

in the GP (greenpoint, brooklyn)

bands and art and crafts and cafe’ <<<cafe grumpy

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay i hope to see you!


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ya going?

did you get tix?
presale started 10am this morning.
i guess i should have posted ^ that yesterday.
me and biyana are going on the saturday of his 5 days @ hammerstein ballroom

Morrissey New York 5-show-series dates and onsale details are as follows.

October 22 NEW YORK, NY : Hammerstein Ballroom
October 23 NEW YORK, NY : Hammerstein Ballroom
October 26 NEW YORK, NY : Hammerstein Ballroom
October 27 NEW YORK, NY : Hammerstein Ballroom
October 28 NEW YORK, NY : Hammerstein Ballroom
regualar ticket info: onsale 10 a.m., september 8 @ surcharge central
if i was still a young lass i would have gone for the 5 day pass on offer, but now we have mortgage payments!
p.s. dont you love the song from under the floorboards? it has been a song i love for years and years and then a little while back MOZ did a cover, and i was filled with joy. i am still filled with joy everytime i hear him sing it. my hope for the upcoming show is that he will sing it! along with a zillion smiths songs! please please please. thank you.

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make up time.

i think morrissey is asking for my forgiveness, and i am gonna have to accept.
he is coming back to nyc, for me and biyana<3
oooh to be in love again….its good, real good. **** 🙂 ****(no, this has nothing to do with my husband, its between morrissey and me!)**** 🙂 ****
New York dates:
22 October : Hammerstein Ballroom
23 October : Hammerstein Ballroom
26 October : Hammerstein Ballroom
27 October : Hammerstein Ballroom
28 October : Hammerstein Ballroom…who is up for a do-over? (not you ron!)
morrissey i will be true to you, always

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why does Morrissey hate NYC?

i am so sad.
the show @ madison sq is not rescheduled it is now cancelled!
below is a message that was emailed to me from madison sq garden:
Dear Valued Patron:
Please be advised that the Morrissey concert originally scheduled for June 30, 2007 at Madison Square Garden, which had previously been postponed due to illness, has been cancelled.
Since you purchased your tickets through Ticketmaster Phone or Ticketmaster Online, your credit card will automatically be refunded.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We look forward to your continued patronage of Madison Square Garden.
Madison Square Garden

Morrissey Tour Update
morrissey solo chit chat
Following successful shows in Boston and Norfolk Morrissey’s US tour is back in full swing. With that in mind we are delighted to announce rescheduled dates for Philadelphia at The Mann Centre on the 23rd of July and Atlantic City at the Borgata on the 24th of July. It has not been possible to reschedule shows at New York’s Madison Square Garden, Holmdel, New Jersey’s PNC Arts Centre, Northampton, Mass’s, Pines Theatre or Baltimore’s Ram’s Head as despite our best efforts those venues are not available during the remaining tour period. It is hoped that we will be able to add a US leg to the tour this fall and that we will be able to play all of the above cities. In the meantime anyone holding tickets to those 4 shows should obtain a refund at the point of purchase. The tour continues this week with shows in Knoxville,TN; Clearwater, FL; Boca Raton, FL and Orlando, FL.
i do hope morrissey is well and back into the swing of touring…
why does morrissey hate the east coast anyway?
he barely plays here anymore.
and now–cancelled? i wouldnt mind if it was rescheduled for November—but do play here,
c’mon now!
oooooooooooh i am not happy.

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new flickr group!

okay i did it! i made a flickr group for all those peoples that have taken
photos of my husband out and about @ various shows, art events, etc.
follow that ‘fro
i have had a member join already (since last night) and two photos posted!
this could get really fun!


art and dance.

sounds like a fun idea. step 1 **download soundtrack at home. step 2**meet at a gallery. stepS 3+4**be by yourself with your ipod on, and be with lots of people experiencing the same music and space as you. the show is well named, inside yourself. and smells like the whole living in nyc with your ipod on experience.
193 Grand St.
718 388-2882
Fri-Mon 1-7

info on opening of inside yourself
on Saturday, February 24 @9pm
show up from February 23 – February 26, 2007.

“INSIDE YOURSELF” a mobile clubbing video dance event featuring gallery artists and special guests:

Jason Glasser, Patrick Martinez, Caroline McCarthy, Stefan Nikolaev, Fabien Verschaere

Clem Snide founder (and Parker’s Box artist), Jason Glasser airs unreleased music from his upcoming Fruitkey album, Chevaline. Meanwhile Patrick Martinez maintains his underground rock n’roll persona (most recently seen in South America with his experimental-trash band, Läpin Kultä) and offers a rare screening of his classic 1997 karaoke-in-the-shower video: In the Heat of the Morning (After David Bowie). Stefan Nikolaev’s video: The Screensaver / the hard disk / the disk, defies gravity in more senses than one with its Bulgarian pop cover songs, and Caroline McCarthy provokes and teases with her fake Beethoven piano rendering. Last but far from least, Fabien Verschaere’s new video Seven Days Hotel, is accompanied by the soundtrack of the same name by the French artworld badboy band, Liquid Architecture, (lead by the French critic/curator, Jérome Sans), remembered in New York for their unique live concert at Jeffrey Deitch Gallery in 2005…

Music by Fruitkey (courtesy t-rec records), Liquid Architecture (courtesy Naïve records), Nikolaev Bulgarian mix (courtesy Galerie Michel Rein)…and additional special guests & effects!

“Williamsburg After Hours” event: up to 50 galleries open until 11PM, + after party, +RAW mags, +special events etc…

“Inside Yourself”, A mobile clubbing video dance event featuring gallery artists and special guests: Video artists: Jason Glasser, Patrick Martinez, Caroline McCarthy, Stefan Nikolaev, Fabien Verschaere. Music including Fruitkey (courtesy t-rec records), Liquid Architecture (courtesy Naïve records), Nikolaev Bulgarian mix (courtesy Galerie Michel Rein)… …and additional special guests! Soundtracks to the videos will be available free at and can be downloaded so that visitors can synch their MP3 players to the videos and start dancing with the volume pumped right up at 9PM on Saturday February 24 at Parker’s Box Make sure you bring your MP3 player- (and your own choice of tunes if you don’t like those on offer!!!). February 23 – 26
Opening: Saturday February 24, 9pm.
tomorrow night. download music now, dance tomorrow.

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morrissey on paper in nyc.

gallery info here
“Irregular Regulars” – Morrissey photo exhibition by Ryan McGinley opening in NYC (Jan. 4 – Feb. 10)

Ryan McGinley
Irregular Regulars
04 January through 10 February 2007

Team Gallery, 83 Grand Street, betw Wooster & Green, 6-8

Team is pleased to present a show of new photographs by Ryan McGinley. Entitled Irregular Regulars, the exhibition will run from the 4th of January through the 10th of February 2007. The gallery is located at 83 Grand Street, cross streets Wooster and Greene, on the ground floor.

Ryan McGinley has been following Morrissey’s tours for the past two years capturing the reclusive singer and his committed fans all over the US, the UK, and in Mexico. Although he has been an intensely devoted fan of the musician for most of his young life, McGinley has gained a distance on his subject through a total immersion. Having photographed quite literally hundreds of shows, McGinley becomes, in a sense, accustomed to the patterns of Morrissey’s performances and can ”predict” the response of fans for whom the singer’s appearances form a major life anchor. McGinley is both immersed in the event (physically and psychologically) and, at the same time, so ”experienced” a viewer that he can comment from outside.

In McGinley’s Morrissey photographs, the lighting and coloration is, in large part, the result of the lighting palette chosen by the singer. Pinks, oranges, lurid blues and bright yellows all bathe the audience members during particular tunes and these colors in turn inspire McGinley to look for specific types of audience members. Not surprisingly, most of subjects who end up in his pictures are both completely enraptured by Morrissey’s antics while possessing an intrinsic beauty that viewers of McGinley’s works will find spellbinding. It is hard to take your eyes off these gorgeous kids who, in turn, are so completely awestruck by their idol.

At 29, McGinley’s work is currently included in Americans: Masterpieces of American Photography since 1945 at the Kunsthalle Wien. He was the youngest artist to ever have a monographic exhibition at The Whitney Museum of American Art. Solo shows followed at New York’s PS1 and in Spain at the MUSAC.


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