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Big News!

My etsy shop is now stocking (small quantities to start) of my original textile designs πŸ™‚

You can check the first few listings out here

and many more designs on Spoonflower here

I added a few in my Totoro series to start with. My Neighbor Totoro has long been one of my favorite films of all time.

It’s sweetness is hard to top and visually it is YOWZAAA! So lovely to look at πŸ™‚

It’s pace is just slow enough for you to notice all the details from snails squirming up a blade of grass to tadpoles wiggling in the water. It also has a realistic 4 year old in it that my sweet 4 year old loves!

I hope you check out my designs and the movie!

I will post more on my over-complicated design method coming up soon.



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whats up with steph?

my computer is very sad.

for now i am using whichever computer is @ home and not being used by james and i am slowly but surely remembering my usernames + passwords to the zillion sites i like to look @ daily.

i dont know when i became a nerd but i guess its inevitable, y’know, since i married one and all. but for reals, whats up with me being so dependent on the dub dub dub? (aka=internets, www)

i think its b.c. of my flickr addiction that has never really lightened up, its been years now and i just totally totally heart it. it keeps me connected to my buddies all over this planet. like i really know (see) what is going on in their lives and that makes me happy πŸ™‚

so yeah i figured out my yahoo id thingie and i posted a bzillion photos today and then proceeded to spend a long long time tagging, organizing, naming, describing, >>> flickring.

okay so go check them out….

p.s cute idea for a group:


it was week of old-skool visitors this past week:

vanessa and her son came over for the day-they live in myrtle beach and were in nj visitng family and took some time to see our house and go to the park, two parks actually, and out to veggie heaven, and do arts and crafts!

mikey came up and luckily i saw him and his cutie wifey and son not that long ago. he came up and we went to go see peter murphy. i am happy to report he is still a sexy man, peter that is, well hey mikey is still a cutie too! (no worries maria or james, it aint like that) we had fun times and danced and acted silly.

biyana came over today with her beansprout (eliana who is just sprouting up into the cutest little blondie curlie haired girl) and ron (who is def. old skool). and we had fun times and talked and talked and busted out photos from the 90’s and remembered, and chased around eliana, and checked out the garden (!) and went to church street for cuteness and a strangely timed meal-4pm-early bird special. and then we hugged a lot.

also this past week chloe stayed with us for a few days and it was a non-stop art making and silliness marathon. my niece is cooler than your niece for sure πŸ™‚ she did an amazing painting, and fuse beads, and god’s eyes (fiber art!), lots of drawing and painting and beads, buttons, scissors, yarn, and so on. we watched spirited away and little house on the prairie. baked bread. had visitors including our neighbor hanna. walked around montclair. had a picnic in the grass. we also went to the montclair art museum with our sketchbooks and drew and looked and talked. fun. maybe we will go to moma next time.

whewwwy i am pooped.


i watched….

i watched i am curious yellow last night.
and tonight i am gonna watch i am curious blue.
with this new knowledge…came an amusing, disturbing and questionable thought.
if james and josh made a grown up son together he would look like Vilgot Sjoman.
here is the supportive evidence…
photo of vilgot sjoman
more about the movie
i am curious yellow
so they make a cute swedish man, right?
i also watched dracula with christopher lee and my beloved=klaus kinski.
see proof below!

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more movies, more recouping.

i saw the 5 queens, and it wasnt about drag queens. it was a heist film, the big score, stamps.
ha! sounds lame, right. well it was quite good with a great ending.
here is what amazon said:
Plot Summary
Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Plot Outline Two con artists try to swindle a stamp collector by selling him a sheet of counterfeit rare stamps (the “nine queens”).
Plot Synopsis: Early one morning, Marcos observes Juan successfully pulling off a bill-changing scam on a cashier, and then getting caught as he attempts to pull the same trick on the next shift. Marcos steps in, claiming to be a policeman, and drags Juan out of the store. Once they are back on the street, Marcos reveals himself to be a fellow swindler with a game of much higher stakes in mind, and he invites Juan to be his partner in crime. A once-in-a-lifetime scheme seemingly falls into their laps – an old-time con man enlists them to sell a forged set of extremely valuable rare stamps, The Nine Queens. The tricky negotiations that ensue bring into the picture a cast of suspicious characters, including Marcos’ sister Valeria, their younger brother Federico and a slew of thieves, conmen and pickpockets. As the deceptions mount, it becomes more and more difficult to figure out who is conning whom.
anyway i consider myself a top-notch detective and i didnt guess the ending.
usually that means i love it! a lot of times i see the ending a mile or an hour away.
i also watched , the science of sleep again. but i already told you how much i loved it.
thanks to chelsea (and dauphin) who loaned me tons of movies.

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movies make you feel all better…

recouping, recovering=lots of movies.
tonight i watched little miss sunshine
i thought it was sweet and great.
and last night i watched the chronic-what-cals of narnia
i saw in the theater and it was one of my fave books as a girl and i dig it.
also last night i watched running with scissors
it was really fun.
more movies to come. the other night i watched a 1950’s space girl movie with amy.
and it was hilarious at times. the special effect was—blurring out the scenes with the spacegirl in them, what technique!

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rocktober weekend.

lots going on. non-stop action. last night we saw…science of sleep=aawwwwwwwwww.
it was sweet and wonderful for the eyes and the heart and the brain. fully enjoyable. plus the girls name is stephanie ❀
tonight we will do some disco dancing and tomorrow make some stuff and things.
i heart crafty weekends.
and i heart disco dancing.
plus it sounds like some cuties will be coming!
also happy birthday to kyle!



half of july recap****james works too much. i am hanging out with lots of toddler boys.
i didnt go see the buzzcocks =(
it sold out and even though i live 2 blocks away i never got tickets.
and i went on a little trip with laura, chloe and wendy a week and a half ago.
and mandeeee and eeeean and coming over tonight! yiippeee.
i think our netflicks queueueueue is possessed. we keep getting movies that we did not order. and i keep yelling at james for it. (oops*sorry sweetie**) we both have seperate queues and i thought he was taking over mine or something. when the movie comes from my list it has my name on it and his list has his name on the envelope it comes in but the ones with my name, i didnt order and sometimes havent ever heard of????? whats happening?
here are some photos of me in various hats
IMGP0134 IMGP0142 chocolate world i vampire

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