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iphone give-away on Clusterflock. (miss mary jeys group blog).

from mary:
Hi Everybody,

As most of you know, I participate in a group blog dedicated to pretty much
everything called clusterflock.

In an effort to bring more readers to the site and to spread some
cheer, we are sponsoring an iPhone giveaway.
(If you’re not familiar with the iPhone go here: )
If you want to participate, :
here’s all the relevant information

Participation is $20 per entry and clusterflock will be giving away
every bit of it we take in. (You can enter as many times as you wish
and each entry will increase your odds.) The end date to enter is June
22nd, so get raffling!

This is primarily to attract interest in the site and to do something fun.

Let your friends know. The more people who contribute, the more iPhones
we can give away.
^that was from mary. but…guess what? i like the iphone too.
but mary may have a full-on crush on it!
p.s. birthday season is on its way for moi (august 8th) + for mary (august 9th) too!