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this time @ eyebeam gallery

SATURDAY DECEMBER 9th – 12:00 TO 10:00 PM

This year LASUPERETTE comes to Chelsea, where artists will showcase
original, handmade gifts (ranging from $1-$100) including recycled
accessories, multifunctional stuffed animals, artist publications,
funky house wares, and homemade clothes, with a special focus on
“hacks,” the custom configuration of pre-existing hardware or
software. LASUPERETTE is an annual art market where professional and
amateur artists and craftsmen present and sell their creations to a
wide range of visitors. LASUPERETTE is a collaborative project
seeking to enhance the dialog between artists and their audience,
placing art in the middle of daily life. This year LASUPERETTE joins
EYEBEAM in conjunction with HOLIDAY HACKSHOP ’06, a DIY tech-workshop
featuring activities from circuit-bending to laser-cutting in a festive

LASUPERETTE is conceived and organized as a place for artists to meet
and collaborate on a specific project. A catalog zine is published,
which distributes contact information of all participating artists, a
web catalog is hosted at WWW.LASUPERETTE.ORG, and a video catalog is
produced and screened at the event. LASUPERETTE 2005 included more
than 100 artists and attracted thousands of visitors and shoppers.

DIY merchandise has been a part of the music world for years through
micro labels and zine culture. Today’s proliferation of
interdisciplinary artists and multi-media collectives is concomitant
with an increase of visual artists producing merchandise and multiples.
Many of these artists act as cultural hackers, re-appropriating
history, media, science, and other elements of contemporary life for
their work. They share a growing need to reconnect and to distribute,
so they make t-shirts that look like their paintings or web sites, join
a knitting circle in Brooklyn to rediscover craft, or paint elaborate
packaging for their self-recorded albums. With an emphasis on the
handmade, homemade, and loved, these pursuits help modulate a digitally
reproducible society and give an alternative to mainstream standards.

LASUPERETTE 2006 will feature an installation by Jake Borndal and Kate
Scherer and in addition to the sale there will be live video, music and
puppet performances, organized by Kyle Lapidus, by a range of artists
utilizing unique moving image techniques and a low-tech hacking
methodology. Employing everything from hacked tape decks and custom
light synthesizers to modified walkie talkies and biofeedback
microcontrollers, performances include 1/3 v. 2 [c.h.i.a.k.i (Chiaki
Watanabe) with Phillip Schulze + Sylvia Mincewicz], Gunung Sari
(Stanley Ruiz + Nick Lesley), NoteNdo (Jeff Donaldson) with Taigaa!,
Jason Zeh, Daniel Vatsky, Chris Jordan, Ben Fino-Radin & Caroline
Charuk, Zach Layton, Neg-Fi, Eiliyas, Daniel Vatsky & DJ Rhizome.

In the spirit of this year’s event, many of the artists use unique
moving image techniques and low-tech hacking methodology. Stick around
all day, and you will witness everything from hacked tape decks and
custom light synthesizers to modified walkie talkies and biofeedback
*Special thanks to Kyle Lapidus for his curatorial and organizational

** 12:30pm ** Daniel Vatsky & DJ Rhizome ** **
** 1:30pm ** NoteNdo with Taigaa! **
** 2:30pm ** 1/3 v. 2 (c.h.i.a.k.i. Watanabe/Schulze/Mincewicz) **
** 3:30pm ** Chris Jordan **
** 4:30pm ** Ben Fino-Radin & Caroline Charuk ** **
** 5:30pm ** Zach Layton **
** 6:30pm ** Gunung Sari **
** 7:30pm ** Jason Zeh
** 8:30pm ** Eiliyas **
** 9:15pm ** Neg-Fi **

LASUPERETTE was founded in 1998 in Paris, France by Tali Hinkis, Marie
Daubert and Tracy Rolling while in school at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts.
In 2001, Hinkis, a multidisciplinary artist, moved to New York City and
began producing the event here. In New York, LASUPERETTE continues to
successfully distribute the work of many artists from Europe and North
America to a wide audience.

At HOLIDAY HACKSOP 2006, just in time for holiday gift-giving season,
EYEBEAM will be transformed into Santa’s tech-workshop with a day full
of artist-led fabrication sessions followed by a holiday party at the
end of the day. At their little North Pole in Chelsea, participants
create their own fun, affordable, custom DIY gifts including Solar
Powered Noisemakers, LED Ornaments, laser cut stencils, and
personalized holiday songs and portraits.

EYEBEAM engages cultural dialogue at the intersection of the arts and
sciences. Its goal is to forge an understanding of the relatedness of
these practices, which are becoming increasingly significant engines of
cultural production.


sounds like a fun day, right? okay see you then.


see you tomorrow?

yup the cafe’ grumpy craftacular is in the morning…and i am still awake.
hope to see lots of peeps @ the show. its 11am-6pm.
i have 63 bracelets to sell. wow. and i finished my display in time.
i will take pictures.
i better get some sleep.
see you tomorrow.


holiday craft fair, dec. 3rd.

the mary jeys et moi have crafting things to show and sell…
come on out to greenpoint (home of mary jeys et moi) and take a look-see maybe find
a lovely holiday gift for someone lovely. (p.s. i love presents)
the hearts and crafts affair
*it’s a holiday craft fair
@cafe grumpy
193 meserole ave
(at diamond st)
greenpoint, brooklyn
sunday, dec.3rd, 2006
villagevoice ad
cafe grumpy
get crafty


art online.

^thats my new etsy store.
i just started it so it only has a few items. has all hand made items of all sorts.
brooklyn botanical gardens


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felty bracelet.

felty bracelet
Originally uploaded by stephiblu.

starry superheroe bracelet.


raspberry bracelet, closure side

raspberry bracelet, back side
Originally uploaded by stephiblu.

handmade and hand beaded by me.

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felt bracelet with beads

felt bracelet with beads
Originally uploaded by stephiblu.

fuzzy felt bracelet with silver leaf beads. handmade by me

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beaded flower fabric bracelet

beaded flower bracelet
Originally uploaded by stephiblu.

handmade beaded bracelet made by me.

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cherry bracelet.

cherry bracelet.
Originally uploaded by stephiblu.

new bracelet made by me.

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peddling my wares

me trying to price my work as peop1e are a1ready shopping