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the pool will again be a pool, eventually.

from NY1


Residents Brainstorm Ideas For Future Of McCarren Park Pool

June 14, 2007

The pool at McCarren Park has been deteriorating since the 1970s, but Wednesday night the public got a chance to help decide what will become of the space. NY1’s Jeanine Ramirez filed the following report.

The McCarren Park pool has been fenced off for decades, causing weeds to grow out of the pavement and a water fountain to become rusty.

But it will soon be brought back to life for the residents of Greenpoint and Williamsburg, after the city allocated $50 million as part of its new budget deal.

“It’s really like a miracle,” said Phyllis Yampolsky of the McCarren Park Conservancy. “Nobody expected this, [it’s] really like a miracle.”

Wednesday night, the Parks Department and the local community board held a brainstorming session, which allowed the public to weigh in on how to spend the money.

Residents were broken up into teams to come up with ideas on what they’d like to see as part of the renovation.

Designs for the McCarren pool site have to include three things: swimming, year-round use, and preservation and re-use of the existing buildings, like the archway and the bathhouses. Dozens of ideas were thrown around: performance spaces, rock climbing walls, diving pools and water flumes.

“It’s a park that we all use and would love to see be used year round, in terms of having a pool, having an ice skating rink, having things for the teenagers,” said resident Robin Hagert.

“I’m excited about the renovation of this wonderful city space for all generations,” said Mike Palms, another local resident.

McCarren pool was built in 1936 during the Great Depression, as one of a series of ten pools opened throughout the city. Then, during the fiscal crisis in the 70s, it fell into disrepair.

The pool was shut down in 1983 to be fixed but the repairs never happened.

“I was born and raised in the neighborhood,” said Community Board 1 District Manager Gerald Esposito. “It’s where I learned to swim. It’s a great facility. It was there for all of North Brooklyn. It was a regional pool. And it’s missed greatly by the people of the community.”

McCarren Park is the epicenter of the neighborhood and efforts to revitalize other areas of the park are already taking place. Across the street from the pool site, a track and astroturf field were added last year. There are also plans to build a skate park.

Over the last several years, the pool has had an interim use as a summer concert venue. But the Parks Department says it has an aggressive timetable to get the space up and running year round.

“I’d like to get the first shovel in the ground in the Spring of ’09,” said Juliis Spiegel, the Brooklyn commissioner of the Parks Department.

Preliminary designs are expected to be ready by the end of the year.

-Jeanine Ramirez
i love swimming!


spiderman lost his mask on B61 bus

can anyone help?
if found please email or flickr comment or message on photo above (click photo)

craigslist ad w/photo

spiderman lost his mask on b61 bus

Reply to:
Date: 2007-05-22, 1:58PM EDT

spiderman, marco, and abe were taking the B61 bus to sadie’s 5th birthday party sunday morining around 10am from Williamsburg to Greenpoint. if anyone finds spiderman’s mask please email me. Thanks so much!
below is attached the most recent photo of spiderman with cousin chad.


lazy mode=recovery.

Oooops. i nearly stopped posting.
i kinda stopped in my trax with this
last surgery. i have been mostly
sleeping and watching cable tv (we just got cable for my recovery).
james’ mom is here helping out
and making me walk up and down the stairs
so i dont turn into a pile of goo.
keep moving.
i have started my own ‘rear window’
type fantasies whilst on the pain meds
and having nothing to do….
i saw a man take a really heavy black
trash bag from his pick-up truck
and put it in with the other trash…
and get back in his truck and drive away…
conclusion=dead body disposal.
then last night james and i saw a
bride and groom get out of a
yellow cab and go into there apt.
it was really cute! she was all
brided out with the veil trailing behind
her, and the groom tried to ‘carry her
over the threshold’ but picked her up
took two steps and put her down…
it was comical and sweet.
if you live on broome st=
watch out because i can see what you are up to!
p.s. i really freaked james’ out a bit with the dead body thing…
but if you have cable tv you can watch forensic files, there is a detective or sleuth channel
and law and order is on about 10x’s a day…soooooo….i am getting carried away.


new years eve-day or new years day?

attention brooklynites:
(and steve and kim and johnny g too
oh yeah and sean and doris and johnny royale)
which would you attend???
a brunch on 12.31.06
or neither…

if you are going away, too cool,
or a sucker and work on brunchy type days (mary jeys)
*********UPDATE**********NEW YEAR’S DAY IT IS!
linnertime brunch to start the year off right.


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see you tomorrow?

yup the cafe’ grumpy craftacular is in the morning…and i am still awake.
hope to see lots of peeps @ the show. its 11am-6pm.
i have 63 bracelets to sell. wow. and i finished my display in time.
i will take pictures.
i better get some sleep.
see you tomorrow.


holiday craft fair, dec. 3rd.

the mary jeys et moi have crafting things to show and sell…
come on out to greenpoint (home of mary jeys et moi) and take a look-see maybe find
a lovely holiday gift for someone lovely. (p.s. i love presents)
the hearts and crafts affair
*it’s a holiday craft fair
@cafe grumpy
193 meserole ave
(at diamond st)
greenpoint, brooklyn
sunday, dec.3rd, 2006
villagevoice ad
cafe grumpy
get crafty


rocktober weekend.

lots going on. non-stop action. last night we saw…science of sleep=aawwwwwwwwww.
it was sweet and wonderful for the eyes and the heart and the brain. fully enjoyable. plus the girls name is stephanie ❤
tonight we will do some disco dancing and tomorrow make some stuff and things.
i heart crafty weekends.
and i heart disco dancing.
plus it sounds like some cuties will be coming!
also happy birthday to kyle!