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Big News!

My etsy shop is now stocking (small quantities to start) of my original textile designs 🙂

You can check the first few listings out here

and many more designs on Spoonflower here

I added a few in my Totoro series to start with. My Neighbor Totoro has long been one of my favorite films of all time.

It’s sweetness is hard to top and visually it is YOWZAAA! So lovely to look at 🙂

It’s pace is just slow enough for you to notice all the details from snails squirming up a blade of grass to tadpoles wiggling in the water. It also has a realistic 4 year old in it that my sweet 4 year old loves!

I hope you check out my designs and the movie!

I will post more on my over-complicated design method coming up soon.



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happy spring.

for some fresh spring fashion see teamtichenor’s new etsy shoppe!

you can get your very own homegrown crystal necklace made by mother nature, james and i. check them out, i will keep adding more as they are finished.



etsy shop update.

i have added new (old) work to my etsy shop.

some paintings from the early 2000’s and some photo transfer collages done in the late 90’s. soon i will retrieve my painting from my wonderful storage area: james’ dad’s house in jersey city, and i will photograph and add more work to etsy. these things take time…

for now just go and check it out here: