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whats up with steph?

my computer is very sad.

for now i am using whichever computer is @ home and not being used by james and i am slowly but surely remembering my usernames + passwords to the zillion sites i like to look @ daily.

i dont know when i became a nerd but i guess its inevitable, y’know, since i married one and all. but for reals, whats up with me being so dependent on the dub dub dub? (aka=internets, www)

i think its b.c. of my flickr addiction that has never really lightened up, its been years now and i just totally totally heart it. it keeps me connected to my buddies all over this planet. like i really know (see) what is going on in their lives and that makes me happy 🙂

so yeah i figured out my yahoo id thingie and i posted a bzillion photos today and then proceeded to spend a long long time tagging, organizing, naming, describing, >>> flickring.

okay so go check them out….

p.s cute idea for a group:


it was week of old-skool visitors this past week:

vanessa and her son came over for the day-they live in myrtle beach and were in nj visitng family and took some time to see our house and go to the park, two parks actually, and out to veggie heaven, and do arts and crafts!

mikey came up and luckily i saw him and his cutie wifey and son not that long ago. he came up and we went to go see peter murphy. i am happy to report he is still a sexy man, peter that is, well hey mikey is still a cutie too! (no worries maria or james, it aint like that) we had fun times and danced and acted silly.

biyana came over today with her beansprout (eliana who is just sprouting up into the cutest little blondie curlie haired girl) and ron (who is def. old skool). and we had fun times and talked and talked and busted out photos from the 90’s and remembered, and chased around eliana, and checked out the garden (!) and went to church street for cuteness and a strangely timed meal-4pm-early bird special. and then we hugged a lot.

also this past week chloe stayed with us for a few days and it was a non-stop art making and silliness marathon. my niece is cooler than your niece for sure 🙂 she did an amazing painting, and fuse beads, and god’s eyes (fiber art!), lots of drawing and painting and beads, buttons, scissors, yarn, and so on. we watched spirited away and little house on the prairie. baked bread. had visitors including our neighbor hanna. walked around montclair. had a picnic in the grass. we also went to the montclair art museum with our sketchbooks and drew and looked and talked. fun. maybe we will go to moma next time.

whewwwy i am pooped.


happy smurfday.

smurfy news abounds!

firstly 2008 is the 50th anniversary of the smurfs, or umm smurfiversary: apparently before hanna-barbera introduced us americans to the smurfs it was a comic strip for years and years in belgium.

“Their debut on U.S. television in 1981 launched their global rise to stardom and made the Smurfs a household name. A Smurf is a Pitufo in Spanish, a Schlumpf in German, Nam Ching Ling to the Chinese, a Sumafa in Japan and Dardassim in Hebrew.” <from the usa today article.

In the English language we call these little blue men “Smurfs” but they are called many other names around the world.

Smurf names in different languages

France: Schtroumpf

Spain: Los Pitufos

Catalonia: Barrufet

Netherlands: De Smurfen

Belgium: De Smurfen or Les Schtroumpfs

Germany: Schlumpf

Italy: Puffo or Puffi

Portugal: Estrumpfe

Greece: Stroumfakia

Turkey: Pirinler

Finland: Smurffi

Sweden: Smurferna

Iceland: Strumpar

Denmark: Smolf

Norway: Smolf

Poland: Smerf

Hungary: Torpikek

Japan: Sumafu

China: Lan jing ling

Israel: Ha – Dardasim

Czechoslovakia: šmoulové (plural) or šmoula (singular)

in italy they were called “i puffi” said: e poofie ^the above is^from:

season one of the smurfs is out on dvd,

and the big news: smurfs movie out sometime in the next 6 months-2 yrs, depending on which website you believe. i am a bit of a purist when it comes to cartoons and i prefer old skool, not b+w but not cgi either. the new movie is labeled as 3-D but i guess that means cgi. i have also read that it has been written as a trilogy! for reals. i like my cartoons flat and fun but will i make the exception for the smurfs? we shall have to wait and see.

time magazine 01.2008 smurficle :,8599,1703303,00.html?imw=Y

in the time article they mention the unicef smurf. there were hidden white smurfs around several european cities and if you were lucky enough to find one you could then paint/decorate it and submit it for a contest. sounds fun! i would have loved running around milan or brussels looking for a smurf! it was all part of the 50th smurfiversary celebration.

smurfs official smurfsite

movie stuff:

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world’s cutest animal!

WWF’s World’s Cutest Animal Contest
A winner has been chosen! Over 23,000 of you voted for the animal you wanted to win. You narrowed a field of 40 animals to one, and we’re pleased to announce that the winner of WWF’s World’s Cutest Animal Contest is the panda!
The panda is recognized in WWF’s logo as an international symbol for endangered species. This charismatic species has been an integral part of WWF’s mission for nearly three decades. In 1979, WWF was the first international organization invited into China to work on panda conservation. To this day, we remain the primary international conservation organization protecting pandas in the wild, and with your help we can ensure their survival for future generations.
The panda isn’t the only species WWF safeguards–from tigers to sea turtles to gorillas, we work to protect hundreds of species around the world. Protecting biodiversity means saving ALL life on Earth, not just the “cutest” animals.
and i thought sir william was the world’s cutest animal!
i guess the people like furry animals?
sir william is #1 in my ❤ heart ❤ forevers!


stephanie colburtle is missing!

the great turtle race ended some time ago. and stephanie colburtle has not been heard from in over 100 days! what could have happened?
i turn to Conservation International for explanation,
Dear stephanie,

With the excitement of The Great Turtle Race behind us, you’re probably wondering, “What are the turtles up to now?”

Seven of the eleven turtles – Genevieve, Sundae, Turtleocity, Freedom, Purple Lightning, Billie, and Saphira – are well on their way to their feeding grounds off Peru and Chile. Unfortunately, two turtles, Stephanie Colburtle and Drexelina, haven’t transmitted any information on their locations for over 100 days. We are also concerned about two other race contenders, Windy and Champiro, who haven’t been heard from in a while. Leatherback turtles face many threats on their ocean journeys. Below are some possible explanations for the silence from Stephanie and her fellow racers:

Did they die of old age?
“It’s not likely that Stephanie died of old age,” says Tagging of Pacific Predators (TOPP) researcher Jim Spotila, a turtle researcher who has been monitoring leatherbacks at Playa Grande, Costa Rica, for decades. Though it is difficult to tell a turtle’s exact age, scientists did not consider any of the racing turtles old, based on their nesting histories on Playa Grande.

Did the leatherbacks’ harnesses fall off or were their satellite tags broken?
If seaweed, slimy algae, or barnacles have covered the tag, information on the location of the turtle cannot be transmitted. “We’ve had tags go offline for as much as six months until the turtle moved to colder latitudes where the hitch-hiking critters presumably died and allowed the tag to restart,” notes TOPP researcher Scott Eckert. Also, the tags are attached to the turtles with specially designed harnesses. The harness can fall off if the turtle gets entangled in a fishing line or encounters an aggressive male turtle. Sometimes, missing turtles have been known to reappear on nesting beaches without their tag.

Did commercial fishermen or shark-finners working off the Galapagos or Peru accidentally kill Stephanie, Windy, Drexelina, and Champiro?
It’s possible that the turtles were caught by commercial fishermen. Though fishing policies are in place to protect the turtles in certain areas, illegal fishing does occur. Also, fishing by-catch in many areas, especially in the waters off Peru, is still unmonitored, so we don’t truly know how many turtles or other ocean creatures are incidentally caught in fishing gear.

Did they eat too many plastic bags that looked like jellyfish?
Leatherback turtles can mistake plastic bags floating in the water as their favorite food, jellyfish. Ingesting plastic can weaken or even kill them. Because they are then unable to digest their real food, they can starve, or they may choke on the plastic and drown. Reducing your plastic bag use is one simple way you can take action in your daily life to improve life for leatherback turtles. Take action today to reduce your plastic bag use and sign CI’s Plastic Bag Pledge now!

It’s difficult to track the mysterious lives of leatherback turtles. We can only speculate on what may have happened to Stephanie, Windy, Drexelina, and Champiro, but given all the things that could go wrong, we feel lucky that we’re still hearing from seven of the eleven Great Turtle Race leatherbacks.

As a part of the global conservation community, you have a chance to make a real difference in the future of our planet. I hope you’ll take action today by taking the Plastic Bag Pledge to help secure a future for leatherback sea turtles.


Vinnie Wishrad
Director, Online Community and Membership
Conservation International

P.S. Please help us spread the word about the threats that plastic bags pose to sea turtles by telling a friend today. Even simple, everyday actions like reducing plastic bag use can have a huge global impact.
save my turtle friends!
take the plastic bag pledge!
i love turtles.
in other turtle news:
william is looking and feeling better! thank goodness!


what to do today (sunday)

yesterday and today crafty goods will be looked at, touched, and sold @ mccarren pool from 11-6pm. go here to find out more, or if you missed it, b.c. they have linkies to crafty sites and such.
and james is @ roosevelt island with steven for toddp bbq
Sunday’s SPRINGTIME UNAMPLIFIED ACOUSTIC BBQ on Roosevelt Island! Last year’s was so so beautiful! Lots of folks playing acoustic on an island right in the middle of the East River, the city and the river swirl serenely around you – you could throw rocks at the Midtown Skyline. And there’s this ruined castle-like 1850’s city smallpox hospital! -BUT- it’s going to be hot so -PLEASE- bring yr beach umbrellas -&- sunscreen -&- blankets -&- lawn chairs -&- little bbq grills -&- stuff to grill!
–SERIOUSLY– bring food -&- grills -&- charcoal!!! Bring yr acoustic guitars -&- toy percussion -&- toy pianos and (maybe) we’ll all have a big jam at the end! Bring yr Dad too – it’s Father’s Day! If it rains it’ll get rescheduled…
^that part was from toddp bbq
yesterday was tom’s bday and dinner party, and was the 2nd week of the williamsburg csa….yumm! lots of organic strawberries last week and this week, so good.
happy weekend!


iphone give-away on Clusterflock. (miss mary jeys group blog).

from mary:
Hi Everybody,

As most of you know, I participate in a group blog dedicated to pretty much
everything called clusterflock.

In an effort to bring more readers to the site and to spread some
cheer, we are sponsoring an iPhone giveaway.
(If you’re not familiar with the iPhone go here: )
If you want to participate, :
here’s all the relevant information

Participation is $20 per entry and clusterflock will be giving away
every bit of it we take in. (You can enter as many times as you wish
and each entry will increase your odds.) The end date to enter is June
22nd, so get raffling!

This is primarily to attract interest in the site and to do something fun.

Let your friends know. The more people who contribute, the more iPhones
we can give away.
^that was from mary. but…guess what? i like the iphone too.
but mary may have a full-on crush on it!
p.s. birthday season is on its way for moi (august 8th) + for mary (august 9th) too!


omg there really is a pacman frog!

i cannot believe there really is a pacman frog! check it out…
here is a photo

here is another photo this one has a turtley pattern. article

Pacman Frogs as Pets
This frog is relatively common in the pet trade, and gets its common (pet trade) name from the popular video game. The frog’s generally rounded appearance and huge mouth led to the cute name. The frog’s scientific name is Ceratophrys ornata, and it is also known as the ornate horned frog.
Pacman frogs are native to South America, and are terrestrial in nature. In fact, they are very poor swimmers and care must be taken that they do not drown in their water bowls.

These frogs are quite large, and can reach around 6-7 inches in length (15-17 cm), although males tend to be quite a bit smaller than females. They are generally about as wide as they are long, so are quite hefty for a frog. Their appetite matches their size, and they will pretty much eat anything that moves.

Pacman frogs have a reputation for being somewhat aggressive, which is largely undeserved.
While they do sometimes bite, it is usually a case of the frog feeling threatened or simply confusing a finger with a food item. FROM ABOUT.COM ARTICLE, link above.
gees! frogs are almost as cool as turtles, almost.