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see you @ dumbo arts fest this weekend


i am showing work with the 365 days of print folks for dumbo arts fest this weekend.

including this work about the discovery of 96 new star clusters.

also included in the show is a work inspired by a story written by corky siemaszko for the ny daily news


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come to the hearts and crafts affair!

sunday sunday sunday may 4th noon ’til 6 pm

193 Meserole Ave @ Diamond St

in the GP (greenpoint, brooklyn)

bands and art and crafts and cafe’ <<<cafe grumpy

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay i hope to see you!


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okay so now i miss living in brooklyn.


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happy 07.07.07!

yaaay for lucky 7/7/7.
today james went to see the boredoms and 77 drummers!
i opted out b.c. of madness–too many people and long lines, waiting waiting waiting.
the boys arrived @ 2.30 pm and didnt get in until 6pm, the show started @ guess when?
7pm. (and james says it was AWESOME!)
i kinda regret not going, but i am also sure it was for the best.
i think steven took photos so i shall post some laters.
guess what next year is? 08.08.08 and someone awesome has
a birthday that day….yup,
its me.
i like this dorkeee show james found for me
delicious tv
i think i will make this tomorrows

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my famous hubby.

james is acquiring a following, at least in the greater brooklyn area!
we must go back to this to see when the “redfro fever” began. NYTimes loves james+steveNYTimes loves james+steve
and let us not forget collegewit’s coverage of the studio red vending machine contest.
check out thelive action james over here.
i am officially starting a pictures of james flickr group for non-friends of james, but first i have to come up with a better name! suggestions?


what to do today (sunday)

yesterday and today crafty goods will be looked at, touched, and sold @ mccarren pool from 11-6pm. go here to find out more, or if you missed it, b.c. they have linkies to crafty sites and such.
and james is @ roosevelt island with steven for toddp bbq
Sunday’s SPRINGTIME UNAMPLIFIED ACOUSTIC BBQ on Roosevelt Island! Last year’s was so so beautiful! Lots of folks playing acoustic on an island right in the middle of the East River, the city and the river swirl serenely around you – you could throw rocks at the Midtown Skyline. And there’s this ruined castle-like 1850’s city smallpox hospital! -BUT- it’s going to be hot so -PLEASE- bring yr beach umbrellas -&- sunscreen -&- blankets -&- lawn chairs -&- little bbq grills -&- stuff to grill!
–SERIOUSLY– bring food -&- grills -&- charcoal!!! Bring yr acoustic guitars -&- toy percussion -&- toy pianos and (maybe) we’ll all have a big jam at the end! Bring yr Dad too – it’s Father’s Day! If it rains it’ll get rescheduled…
^that part was from toddp bbq
yesterday was tom’s bday and dinner party, and was the 2nd week of the williamsburg csa….yumm! lots of organic strawberries last week and this week, so good.
happy weekend!


the pool will again be a pool, eventually.

from NY1


Residents Brainstorm Ideas For Future Of McCarren Park Pool

June 14, 2007

The pool at McCarren Park has been deteriorating since the 1970s, but Wednesday night the public got a chance to help decide what will become of the space. NY1’s Jeanine Ramirez filed the following report.

The McCarren Park pool has been fenced off for decades, causing weeds to grow out of the pavement and a water fountain to become rusty.

But it will soon be brought back to life for the residents of Greenpoint and Williamsburg, after the city allocated $50 million as part of its new budget deal.

“It’s really like a miracle,” said Phyllis Yampolsky of the McCarren Park Conservancy. “Nobody expected this, [it’s] really like a miracle.”

Wednesday night, the Parks Department and the local community board held a brainstorming session, which allowed the public to weigh in on how to spend the money.

Residents were broken up into teams to come up with ideas on what they’d like to see as part of the renovation.

Designs for the McCarren pool site have to include three things: swimming, year-round use, and preservation and re-use of the existing buildings, like the archway and the bathhouses. Dozens of ideas were thrown around: performance spaces, rock climbing walls, diving pools and water flumes.

“It’s a park that we all use and would love to see be used year round, in terms of having a pool, having an ice skating rink, having things for the teenagers,” said resident Robin Hagert.

“I’m excited about the renovation of this wonderful city space for all generations,” said Mike Palms, another local resident.

McCarren pool was built in 1936 during the Great Depression, as one of a series of ten pools opened throughout the city. Then, during the fiscal crisis in the 70s, it fell into disrepair.

The pool was shut down in 1983 to be fixed but the repairs never happened.

“I was born and raised in the neighborhood,” said Community Board 1 District Manager Gerald Esposito. “It’s where I learned to swim. It’s a great facility. It was there for all of North Brooklyn. It was a regional pool. And it’s missed greatly by the people of the community.”

McCarren Park is the epicenter of the neighborhood and efforts to revitalize other areas of the park are already taking place. Across the street from the pool site, a track and astroturf field were added last year. There are also plans to build a skate park.

Over the last several years, the pool has had an interim use as a summer concert venue. But the Parks Department says it has an aggressive timetable to get the space up and running year round.

“I’d like to get the first shovel in the ground in the Spring of ’09,” said Juliis Spiegel, the Brooklyn commissioner of the Parks Department.

Preliminary designs are expected to be ready by the end of the year.

-Jeanine Ramirez
i love swimming!