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today i got an earth machine!

no i am not going to make a planet, i am going to start composting!
and montclair, nj-our new home-has a home composting program. i bought our new earth machine at cost (less than half price according to some internet research!). from the town i also received some advice and some printed materials. i am totally excited about this new project. we are buying heirloom bulbs and using the push-mower and now composting, soon i will have rich soil to start my veggie garden in the spring 🙂
major hints for the composter are: keep it aeratedby mixing it around often, vary what you put in the bin-veggies, veggie peels, fruit peels, leaves, grass clippings, plant trimmings, paper products, egg shells, keep all the bits small–chop up veg, etc. also no animal products! no meat or dairy. your composter is a vegan.
more on how to use the earth machine .

i also found out that in montclair the yard waste and bags of leaves and clippings that we put at the curb are composted as well! so they go back to replenishing the earth rather then ending up in a landfill mixed with non-compostable items. now isnt that nice?
in other news **its a blustery day! happy autumn! **


happy rocktober!

its october 1st and autumn is in full swing.
i have not yet gone pumpkin or apple picking but i hope to very soon.
if you already have or you are about to–check out these free stencils (they even work on pumpkins that you bought from the grocery store or whatevs).
you can put them on the pumpkin and carve away. i may just have a sea turtle pumpkin on
my porch in the coming weeks. i will post of photo–of course.
wwf pumpkin stencils!


make up time.

i think morrissey is asking for my forgiveness, and i am gonna have to accept.
he is coming back to nyc, for me and biyana<3
oooh to be in love again….its good, real good. **** 🙂 ****(no, this has nothing to do with my husband, its between morrissey and me!)**** 🙂 ****
New York dates:
22 October : Hammerstein Ballroom
23 October : Hammerstein Ballroom
26 October : Hammerstein Ballroom
27 October : Hammerstein Ballroom
28 October : Hammerstein Ballroom…who is up for a do-over? (not you ron!)
morrissey i will be true to you, always

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rocktober weekend.

lots going on. non-stop action. last night we saw…science of sleep=aawwwwwwwwww.
it was sweet and wonderful for the eyes and the heart and the brain. fully enjoyable. plus the girls name is stephanie ❤
tonight we will do some disco dancing and tomorrow make some stuff and things.
i heart crafty weekends.
and i heart disco dancing.
plus it sounds like some cuties will be coming!
also happy birthday to kyle!



happy autumn and hapy october.
welcome to the start of all the boys birthdays, i think sean is first.
then james, and steve and devyn and johnny g.
we had a genuine down home autumn day today. james, and amandible, and ian and i went to the apple festival at the queens farm museum. hay rides and pumpkin picking and apples apples apples.
chloe’s birthday party was on saturday it was crazy and crazy fun.
pictures soon ( i hope) for now…myflickrama

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