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announcing….Juniper Aliya Tichenor

i didn’t abandon whatsupwithsteph, i did…..become a mom!

so its been a bit hectic around here–in the best way possible.

we brought home our little girl 1 month ago, its been lots of smiles, giggles, crying, poops, and figuring it all out.

please see photos!


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spring cleaning.

spring is here and i dont know about you but i feel like clearing things out of the living space. papers, the papers drive me nuts. i do recycle everything, but what bills and stuff can i just rip up and recycle? and what do i need to hold onto? it seems that since we bought a house in 2007 the answer to what we need to hold onto has changed. being a homeowner means lots of papers, lots and lots. ugh.  below are some answers to what to hold on to and for how long…

What financial records to keep, how long to keep them 

even more detailed…

Organize Your Important Papers by

i think the key for me is finding some ‘nice to look at’ solutions for the storage of these papers.