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movie night blog.

in our baby crazy happy days

we have only time for so much socializing.

(thank you to all our visitors we are so happy you came over to meet our sweet girl!)

my built-in weekly adult time is movie night. once a week we have some folks over to watch a movie. i started a new blog to kind of keep a list of what we have shown and have a place where people can see what the upcoming movies are too.

check it out!

yaaaaaay for movies!

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announcing….Juniper Aliya Tichenor

i didn’t abandon whatsupwithsteph, i did…..become a mom!

so its been a bit hectic around here–in the best way possible.

we brought home our little girl 1 month ago, its been lots of smiles, giggles, crying, poops, and figuring it all out.

please see photos!


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