colcha project. crocheting under water

16 Jan

hello and welcome to 2012. my new year’s resolutions are to make more and show more work. also to have some more grown up fun. that last bit sounded naughtier than i meant it to but i will attempt to spend more time with the over 10 crowd. we shall see what happens and i hope to actually show what is happening right here.

2012 pt 1= the colcha project is a good friend of mine’s great idea. she is good at getting creative people together and making fun things happen-and she has figured out how to use her talent (one of her many) and share it with the world. if you follow the guidelines and ‘work book’ any group of people can create a colcha AND a community, now isn’t that great! i am all over the collaboration vibe, sharing is caring and all that but i have in the past had a bit of trouble taking over. its odd and doesnt sound like me, even to me. i am worst at collaborating in the kitchen. whew oh boy let me tell ya. i have a small kitchen and certainly have my way of doing things in it- but i think i have gotten a bit better at letting people help.

i think this collaboration is different so far. maybe because i didn’t already decide what it is we are making/doing. i am keeping it loose and going with it. perhaps in the past i saw the final product before we started and needed things to end with that vision instead of letting people do there part. ? maybe that was it.

i am going with it and enjoying it. i am happy with my first piece and moving on to my second i am really exited by the feeling and smell and colors of a new ball of yarn and don’t mind being covered in fuzz so i am having a great time crocheting. the babe is only undoing some of what i do and we are working on that 🙂

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