teamtichenor crystals @ la superette.

16 Dec

(photo by miss mary jeys. thanks mary!)
so i am horrible @ blogging in 2008-but maybe its not ALL bad, i mean maybe i have been making a zillion things that dont involve the computer so much. thats not all bad-right? so more productive, yet less wuws (whats up with steph).
i will try to get the balance right for 2009.
b.c. i just realized that i posted nothing about la superette! and its over and it was fun and teamtichenor sold some crystals and trader way more crystals and it was good times.
if you didnt make it to la superette you can check them out here:
and on my flickr and james’ flickr.

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One response to “teamtichenor crystals @ la superette.

  1. sarah

    March 14, 2009 at 9:17 pm

    i wanted to say – it was really fun to have tea w/u guys
    i’ve been thinking of u cuz
    – i love the allsorts painting
    – i love the crystals
    – i realized the tea i gave you was CAFFEINATED peppermint!
    yr crystals are gone from etsy – are there any left? i was thinking of buying one for my friend ted. i liked the one growing on an acorn or whatever that thing is…


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