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Harbor Seal

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Harbor Seal, originally uploaded by Angel.Orbitalis.

this seal is in cape may….
not in manasquan, but still…
its a seal in nj.
(photo from angel.orbitalis)

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nj visiting seal!

i wanna go see him!
ny times article

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art and dance.

sounds like a fun idea. step 1 **download soundtrack at home. step 2**meet at a gallery. stepS 3+4**be by yourself with your ipod on, and be with lots of people experiencing the same music and space as you. the show is well named, inside yourself. and smells like the whole living in nyc with your ipod on experience.
193 Grand St.
718 388-2882
Fri-Mon 1-7

info on opening of inside yourself
on Saturday, February 24 @9pm
show up from February 23 – February 26, 2007.

“INSIDE YOURSELF” a mobile clubbing video dance event featuring gallery artists and special guests:

Jason Glasser, Patrick Martinez, Caroline McCarthy, Stefan Nikolaev, Fabien Verschaere

Clem Snide founder (and Parker’s Box artist), Jason Glasser airs unreleased music from his upcoming Fruitkey album, Chevaline. Meanwhile Patrick Martinez maintains his underground rock n’roll persona (most recently seen in South America with his experimental-trash band, Läpin Kultä) and offers a rare screening of his classic 1997 karaoke-in-the-shower video: In the Heat of the Morning (After David Bowie). Stefan Nikolaev’s video: The Screensaver / the hard disk / the disk, defies gravity in more senses than one with its Bulgarian pop cover songs, and Caroline McCarthy provokes and teases with her fake Beethoven piano rendering. Last but far from least, Fabien Verschaere’s new video Seven Days Hotel, is accompanied by the soundtrack of the same name by the French artworld badboy band, Liquid Architecture, (lead by the French critic/curator, Jérome Sans), remembered in New York for their unique live concert at Jeffrey Deitch Gallery in 2005…

Music by Fruitkey (courtesy t-rec records), Liquid Architecture (courtesy Naïve records), Nikolaev Bulgarian mix (courtesy Galerie Michel Rein)…and additional special guests & effects!

“Williamsburg After Hours” event: up to 50 galleries open until 11PM, + after party, +RAW mags, +special events etc…

“Inside Yourself”, A mobile clubbing video dance event featuring gallery artists and special guests: Video artists: Jason Glasser, Patrick Martinez, Caroline McCarthy, Stefan Nikolaev, Fabien Verschaere. Music including Fruitkey (courtesy t-rec records), Liquid Architecture (courtesy Naïve records), Nikolaev Bulgarian mix (courtesy Galerie Michel Rein)… …and additional special guests! Soundtracks to the videos will be available free at and can be downloaded so that visitors can synch their MP3 players to the videos and start dancing with the volume pumped right up at 9PM on Saturday February 24 at Parker’s Box Make sure you bring your MP3 player- (and your own choice of tunes if you don’t like those on offer!!!). February 23 – 26
Opening: Saturday February 24, 9pm.
tomorrow night. download music now, dance tomorrow.

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orange pelting action.

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go borghetto, originally uploaded by stephiblu.

carnevale d’ivrea (2005).

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~carnavale time~

the the ny times covered this years carnevale in ivrea, italy where james and i spent a year(2004-2005).
you can see a few photos of carnevale d’ivrea on my flickr.
the carnevale celebration was about a month long in entirety. the culmanation of all that celebrating is the 3 day long orange battle. it is definitely an experience being there during the fights. several days we were in the middle of the battles with oranges flying past you. the smell was wonderful the first night….well i can say there was a lot of clean-up. they brought out snow-plows at night to pick up squashed orange goop.
after carnevale was over, every once in a while you would spot an orange somewhere.
from the bridge i saw a lot of oranges near the river, even a month after carnivale.
posts from carnevale 2005 are here in my olde blogge of years past. enjoy and eat a blood orange from sardinia today.

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more movies, more recouping.

i saw the 5 queens, and it wasnt about drag queens. it was a heist film, the big score, stamps.
ha! sounds lame, right. well it was quite good with a great ending.
here is what amazon said:
Plot Summary
Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Plot Outline Two con artists try to swindle a stamp collector by selling him a sheet of counterfeit rare stamps (the “nine queens”).
Plot Synopsis: Early one morning, Marcos observes Juan successfully pulling off a bill-changing scam on a cashier, and then getting caught as he attempts to pull the same trick on the next shift. Marcos steps in, claiming to be a policeman, and drags Juan out of the store. Once they are back on the street, Marcos reveals himself to be a fellow swindler with a game of much higher stakes in mind, and he invites Juan to be his partner in crime. A once-in-a-lifetime scheme seemingly falls into their laps – an old-time con man enlists them to sell a forged set of extremely valuable rare stamps, The Nine Queens. The tricky negotiations that ensue bring into the picture a cast of suspicious characters, including Marcos’ sister Valeria, their younger brother Federico and a slew of thieves, conmen and pickpockets. As the deceptions mount, it becomes more and more difficult to figure out who is conning whom.
anyway i consider myself a top-notch detective and i didnt guess the ending.
usually that means i love it! a lot of times i see the ending a mile or an hour away.
i also watched , the science of sleep again. but i already told you how much i loved it.
thanks to chelsea (and dauphin) who loaned me tons of movies.

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sir william

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our new friend, william, originally uploaded by stephiblu.

c’mere and give me a treat 🙂

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do it for the turtles….

of course i live in brooklyn, and dont know anyone at all that fishes…
but, if it will save some turtles i believe its worth posting.
the kind folks at the world wildlife federation are having a contest
Fisheries bycatch is the leading threat to many endangered marine mammals, cetaceans, sea turtles, seabirds and certain fish species.
WWF and our partners created the International Smart Gear Competition to inspire innovative, practical, cost-effective ideas that allow fishermen to “fish smarter” – to better target their intended catch while reducing bycatch.

The competition is open to all – fishermen, professional gear manufacturers, teachers, students, engineers, scientists and backyard inventors.

Bycatch – What is the problem?
Since the development some 50 years ago of cheaper fishing gear and bigger, faster boats, thousands of miles of nets and lines have been set in the world’s oceans each day. Modern fishing gear, often invisible to sight and extremely strong, is very efficient at catching the desired fish species – as well as anything else in its path. A staggering amount of marine life is hauled up with the catch, and then usually discarded overboard dead or dying.

The numbers are truly frightening. For example:

Many of the fish and other animals caught in fishing gear are thrown away as unwanted bycatch – amounting to many millions of metric tons of marine life wasted each year.
Over 300,000 small whales, dolphins, and porpoises die from entanglement in fishing nets each year, making bycatch the single largest cause of mortality for small cetaceans and pushing several species to the verge of extinction.
Over 250,000 endangered loggerhead turtles and critically endangered leatherback turtles are caught annually on longlines set for tuna, swordfish, and other fish, with thousands more killed in shrimp trawls.
26 species of seabird, including 17 albatross species, are threatened with extinction because of longlining, which kills more than 300,000 seabirds each year.
89 per cent of hammerhead sharks and 80 per cent of thresher and white sharks have disappeared from the Northeast Atlantic Ocean in the last 18 years, largely due to bycatch.
Shrimp trawlers catch as many as 35 million juvenile red snappers each year in the Gulf of Mexico, enough to have an impact on the population.
Billions of corals, sponges, starfish, and other invertebrates are caught as bycatch every year
Bycatch – So what’s the answer?

A combination turtle excluder device/bycatch reduction device manufactured by Saunders Marine Machine Shop. Turtles escape by swimming forward and out of the large holes in the net. Shrimp are swept into the bag at the end of the net and cannot swim out. � NOAA
There is growing acceptance by fishing industry leaders of the need to reduce bycatch. Proven solutions do exist, such as modifying fishing gear so that either fewer non-target species are caught or non-target species can escape. In many cases, these modifications are simple and inexpensive, with the best innovations usually coming from fishers themselves.

WWF and its partners are key players in efforts to reduce bycatch. Our aim is to encourage sustainability in the world’s fisheries, by working with all those involved – fishers, consumers, the seafood industry, and governments – to provide practical solutions to counteract the enormous environmental harm that bycatch is causing.

Inspiring innovations in fishing gear
Improving fishing gear is a key step in reducing bycatch. To this end, WWF is working to inspire and reward new ideas for selective fishing through the International Smart Gear Competition. Launched in 2004 in partnership with industry leaders, scientists, and fishers, the competition encourages creative solutions that will allow fishers to fish smarter – better targeting their intended catch while safeguarding other ocean creatures.
to learn more, for the rules, to enter to win–entry forms, to read about last year’s winners
go to the world wildlife federation site and click away.
save the turtles and their friends. dont go fishing and dont eat fish.

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sign up for this years CSA Community Supported Agriculture.

from the williamsburg csa:
Despite the frigid temps outside and the barren stalls at the farmers market, it is time to start signing up for the 2007 Williamsburg CSA. The Williamsburg CSA runs from June to November with pickups every saturday morning @ McCarren Park. More info about the farm and the food can be found at garden of eve

On to business, for those of you interested in joining the williamsburg csa sign up season is here. Our first 4 events are:

Thurs, Feb 15 630-9pm @ Fabians Cafe (Bedford & North 5th)
Sun, Feb 18 530-7pm @ Atlas Cafe (Habemeyer & Grand St)
Tues, Feb 20 6-9pm @ Zipe Zape Tapas Bar (Berry & Metropolitan Ave)
Thurs, Feb 22 630-9pm @ Fabians Cafe (Bedford & North 5th)
Please bring your 100 dollar deposit (cash or check) & your 10 dollar administrative fee (cash only) to any of these sign up events and save your spot. Right now, if you want to sign up, you have to come to a sign up event. We will have a mail option up and running within the next week, so feel free to wait. (Remeber: checks made out to Garden of Eve Farm)

Please bring your questions to the sign up event: This is a good place to get all those questions about the Williamsburg CSA answered. (Sorry, we are way swamped right now so its pretty hard for us to get back to everyone that has questions with individual emails especially since a majority of them can be answered by cruising the garden of eve or williamsburg csa websites closely.) Anyways, for quick answers to your questions, come to a sign up event…otherwise you might have to wait a week or two.

Please forward this to everyone you think might be interested! We will be flyering our little Williamsburg community like crazy with CSA info in a few weeks. However, if you can spread the word about these sign up events to friends and family in the hood that would be most appreciated.

Please stay tuned for more sign up events, round table discussions, and other fun ways to plug into the Williamsburg CSA community!
some of our friends did not know the williamsburg csa existed.
so if you are interested – check out the site and / or show up to a sign-up event.
you can see my flickr set of veggie photos here
and to see our photo and cookbook click here

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running with scissors.

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running with scissors., originally uploaded by stephiblu.

i watched the movie last night.

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