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up and down the shore

chill and hectic weekend. i went down the shore by bus on friday.
spent some QT with miss chloe. and got to spend a few hours
with mikey&maria and their cutie-pie alexandre.
and then took the train back up to the nyc and for smurf’s sake….
NO FREAKIN L TRAIN how annoying.
now i dont mind taking a cab from manhattan to brooklyn if needed.
like, if its late or if i bought too much at trader joe’s but
it was not even 7pm! anyway i took a cab back to brooklyn and yes worse
things have happened. and i got to come home and see sir william w.s.s.t.
and it made me s-m-i-l-e!
today since its a rainy day with no L train…i worked on my painting.
i am showing this particular painting on september 9th @ the Laila lounge.
so if you talk to me, make sure you tell me to get to work.
and before that i got to see miss G9 and chrissiebear.
smileschloe had ice cream! G9+steph. IMGP0003 for that too.

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turtleeeturtleeetee a turtle is for me.

action from todays goings on in the world of sir william wiloughby snip snapper…
he got a cuttlebone to chomp on for some extra nourishment and vitamins.

he also shows off his side-neck abilities. he is an african side-neck turtle.

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sir william wiloughby snip snapper tichenor

ok so i had to make a youtube account so you could all see the turtle in action.
sir william wiloughby snip snapper tichenor is his full name by the way.


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our new buddy :)

we adopted an african sideneck turtle. his other name is Pelomedusa subrufa but, he is now called sir william and he soooooooooooooooooooooo cute. seriously, he is so cute.
“Pelomedusa subrufa inhabits subtropical and tropical Africa from Ethiopia, southern Saudi-Arabia and Yemen, and the Sudan westward to Ghana, Senegal, Mali, Nigeria, and the Cameroons, and southward to Cape Provinces of South Africa. It is also known from many localities on Madagascar.” sideneck info
turtle care
so sir william is the cutest even though he chomped my finger last night. i was warned that before they get to know you they might snap at you but i figured he’s too cute to snap at me….ummm well he is cute but we had only had him for about 20 minutes at that time. he is called a sideneck because he doesnt put his head back in his shell he just kinda pulls it to one side. and if he is doing that and he doesnt see you it will scare him, and he will react by chomping on you.
his behavior has already changed since yesterday. he is totally nosy. he wants to check us out and see what we are up to. if you come into the room he gets all flustered and excited. what a funny little turtle sir william is. sir william of the burg sir william
<img src=”” alt=”peeking out of the water :” width=”180″ height=”240″ border=”0″ /> optical illusion


safewalk. dont walk home alone in williamsburg/greenpoint!

ashley posted this as a myspace bulletin,
i did not write this but i know people that have been mugged in the area,
so, volunteer if you can. and please call for an escort if you have to walk home alone!
i am going to put this number in my phone right now. i also have northside car service, and greenpoint car service numbers in my phone.

attacks in Williamsburg, and how to get home safely- REPOSTED BY ASHLEY.
Body: So in case you haven’t heard, in the last two weeks alone there have been several attacks against women in our Williamsburg neighborhood, including an attempted armed rape on n7th and Kent, and a sexual assult last Friday night on Meeker and Union.

Apart from that, in the month of July 2006 there were three rapes – and those are only the ones that have been reported to the 90th precinct (which seems to cover the Southside area). Also during July 2006 were a total of 39 reported robberies, and 22 felony assults.

These things aren’t happening to strangers – the victims are people we all know or people we are only a few degrees from. They are our friends. In some cases, the victims are the people reading this right now. So get fucking serious about this, and stop thinking that because you’re walking fast and tough that nothing will happen to you.

That said, on Thursday nights there is a FREE program we got going on in Williamsburg and Greenpoint called SAFE WALK. It’s sponsored by RightRides and it’s organized and run by myself and some friends and local volunteers.

More information is below. But seriously, put the phone number in your phone and use it when you are walking home on Thursday nights between 11pm and 3am. We would love to do more nights, but we need more people to take advantage of it, and we need more volunteers to open it up on Friday and Saturday nights. We’re doing this to help make sure no one we know gets hurt or fucked with when out at night, so please call us even if you are already walking alone and feel like you want someone to come walk with you for any reason at all.

More info about the two precincts representing most of Williamsburg and Greenpoint:

90th precinct data for end of July 2006 (southside)

94th precinct data for end of July 2006 (northside)


The Safe Walk program is up and running. We’re looking for people with bikes who’d like to vest up and ride with us Thursdays from 11am – 3am, or anytime between those hours. We need both girls and guys, so please get in touch at

FOR VOLUNTEERS: We are still doing a ton of outreach, such as handing out flyers to people outside of bars and on the streets, posting up flyers in bars and clubs in the area, and gaining visibility by riding around at night. We know that everyone loves the idea and says they’d totally take advantage, so now we just gotta make ourselves available and get out there. down?

FOR EVERYONE ELSE: Here’s some info about the program, in case you’d like to get a safe walk home thursday night!

To call for a Safe Walk: 888-215 – SAFE (7233) – enter in the extension of the area you are calling FROM, have your cross streets ready for the volunteer team and where you are heading to.

On THURSDAYS from 11 PM – 3 AM in Williamsburg and Greenpoint:
If you are calling from the Southside of Williamsburg (south numbered streets to the Lorimer L train stop)- press ext. 101
If you are calling from the Northside of Williamsburg (north numbered streets to the Lorimer L train stop)- press ext. 102
If you are calling from the Central area of Williamsburg (Lorimer to Grand Ave L train stops) – press ext. 103
If you are calling from Greenpoint – press ext. 104

You don’t have to memorize these extensions here – we list them out when you call the SafeWalk number, too.





holy moly! most of my records are home with james and i!
oh how i missed them. and i have a new record player to play them on…
well, two new ones.
portable. new old portable record player.
record player closed. james got me this! orange record player. from james.
q*bert patterned. cute holder for some 7inches.

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what i did on my summer vacation by steph.

ray jelly upside down
two seahorses, both strange. pink me and a shark! jaws2 just like the cartoons blue+yellow
james and a shark! jaws


camel toads

camel toads

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dragon its my two year blog-a-versary. anyone still reading it (not you anthony)?
pee.ess. anthony rules!

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gator encounters and turtle watching

james and i are in north carolina, we got down here on friday. its been laid back southern living for a few days now. today we had two gator encouters with a total of three gator sightings. firstly, we had to stop and let a gator cross the road, right in front of us. it was so crazy. then later james and i stopped to check out a boggy swampy area and within a second of stepping out of the car we spotted two gators in the water in front of us. crazy.
i got a few pics and got a bit freaked out, the gator was staring me down! james had mentioned earlier that they can really run quite fast if they want to, like 35 miles and hour fast, much faster than i…so i got spooked and got back in the car (and i think i freaked james out a bit too).
two gators in the water bog gator crossing swamplands
the turtles are hatching on oak island, n.c.
sea turtles, loggerheads to be exact. the mommas come and lay there eggs on the island and about 60 days later they hatch. there are numbered nests and you can hang out over night and protect the nests from crabs and the tides and whatever else may go wrong. i wussed out and didnt want to do an all-nighter on the beach but we have been checking on two nests that are over-due.
turtle watch '06

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