16 Jul

half of july recap****james works too much. i am hanging out with lots of toddler boys.
i didnt go see the buzzcocks =(
it sold out and even though i live 2 blocks away i never got tickets.
and i went on a little trip with laura, chloe and wendy a week and a half ago.
and mandeeee and eeeean and coming over tonight! yiippeee.
i think our netflicks queueueueue is possessed. we keep getting movies that we did not order. and i keep yelling at james for it. (oops*sorry sweetie**) we both have seperate queues and i thought he was taking over mine or something. when the movie comes from my list it has my name on it and his list has his name on the envelope it comes in but the ones with my name, i didnt order and sometimes havent ever heard of????? whats happening?
here are some photos of me in various hats
IMGP0134 IMGP0142 chocolate world i vampire

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Posted by on July 16, 2006 in buddies., family, kids, movies


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